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  1. Careful of engaging his service. Don't be fooled by his cheap quote . You Will get all low class product and job. Picture with evidence coming soon. Victim list 1. hrc 2. Melody 3. Gar
  2. We Have identified few parties that being sued by Henry Thong of I.D note design and build. He will do terrible job and force consumer to pay . This is the time for you to voice out. More detail with picture soon.
  3. I have identified that this contractor is going around doing bad job and locking the consumer in his contract. Have met 2 parties who are being sued by him at sct . It's time to voice out.
  4. Hey Guys , Please enjoy my scrwed up house reno done by I.D Note T-Blog. http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/71186-my-reno-5-room-resale/?view=findpost&p=896012 My advice, stay away from this ID.
  5. HI guys, just for your attention. The particular ID/contractor license is not renewed. so beware . My reno went well with gods grace, thanks.
  6. Thanks for the encouraging PM . After talking to some members here, friends and relative we decided to pursue legal for this matter. The disturbing part is the ID all in sudden asking for full payment for tiling works, His reasoning was he could not wait till all my work completed.This was not agreed before and we strongly beleive he has finance issue with the contractors. We have since changed the lock (as requested by himself) and even lodge a police report for protection and record. Many Pm and asked about this "amazing" ID , at this moment i cant reveal much but just stay away from any id that has " Note " in it, a Sole P company with one "Short man " show. If you are looking for and ID that 1. Doesn't care about customer and force you to accept his idea 2. Never visit site frequently m, just sit in his home/office and deal everything by phone 3. charge you additional without consulting you 4. force you to pay for mistake that done by his sub con this is the guy. Ps: there is even a fan group for this " Successful Entrepreneur Award" winner ,
  7. It's called diamond coated drill bits for glass. Have fun.
  8. hi there, can you give me quote for this door type please http://www.gwdoors.com.sg/solid_timber_bifold.html#PhotoSwipe1431095055893 size is 4m width, 2.2m height thanks
  9. check Hafale , Ergos , etc
  10. Thank You, Things are getting better now. will post more soon
  11. Hi , Yes, allowed to hack, i guess they just lazy to hack it and worry pipe might crack etc, need lighter version of the hammer machine to hack that sensitive area.
  12. On one occasion there was question of item B10 Demolish cornices for whole house $ 450.00 I question and told my "ID" the cost is ridiculous. He explained to me that it involve make the ceiling look nicer after taking of ceiling. So I agreed. Now new update from him was that he will use false ceiling n cover whole wall so no need to make the area good since it's hidden. Best statement was " no one do like this " look nicer outside can oredi inside no need " this is coming from an award winning id can you believe it ?? . So I went to next block where there is Reno on progress n took some pics after making new friend there .I forward this to my id he never reply . This cause us to Fire him. So he will only do wet works n stop the rest .