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  1. Talked to the painter this afternoon, he was on mc for two days. Attitude nice! He painted our hse 70% ALONE! He said if everything runs smooth, there will be 3 painters coming over to finish up the job. He said now is peak period. They have over 60 projects, really very rush.
  2. Painting arranged on Tue, changed to Wed. Hubby waited from 2pm+ until 8pm+ on Wed, then a guy came up to place his tools. Promised paint on Thur, no one turns up. Hubby called painter, he said RAINING, cannot paint. Hubby called HIM, he said his painter MC. Well... Diff versions, which to believe? Oops! Do I sound like spreading rumours???
  3. Hi Koala, Sigh... Which means that they were "rushing" to do my kitchen wall during that time... Dunno painting can solve it anot. Anyway, thanks! At least others who intend to do cement screed have better understanding.
  4. Thanks Simon. Hi feimei, my friend also paint her pipes to the color of her kitchen walls. Nice, but not sure easy to maintain anot Hubby warns me not to cancel items on the quotation anymore, yet Henry told us if we can't wait until after X'mas, we can look for others to do our feature wall. Is he giving us up??? Hee...
  5. Thanks for your info, Mickey M! Yeah Momo... We have to encourage one another as we all are in the same boat.
  6. Morning Danny, Now the electrician is arranging for the testing. Keep chasing him. Henry seldom follow up with our project le. He must be busy with others as we told him, we not in the hurry to move in. And our electrician is dragging, Henry can't do anything too. Now is laying tiles in the living room, then can arrange measurement for the main gate, doors of 3 bedrooms and 1 storeroom. At the same time, do the electrical test. Then settle those holes and cracks on my kitchen and living room wall. Plastering looks not so nice on living room too, will ask them to look into it. Then painting. After that our friendly carpenter will up the upper and lower kitchen cabinet. Our TV feature wall too! And will ask him to fix all our bathroom accessories too. Then is acid wash. And the last is laminate 3 bedrooms!!! Hubby est HO will be in end of Dec... I can't celebrate X'mas and New Yr in my new nest le... Sob sob... Too bad.... who asks us out-source to so many... No choice... Budget tight mah.
  7. Danny, My kitchen only do cement screed after hacked the kitchen wall tiles. Thanks for your encouragement! We all must Jia You!
  8. Hi Danny, What you said is same as my hubby's. Well, hope everything will be fine. Like what you've said in your t-blog. "You do swee swee for me, my $ will go swee swee to your pocket". Just hope he can understand this. Tiles in living room not completed after these 2 days. Went back this morning and after 煮炒 ($5/dish) at night. Stepped on those tiles which are done. Quite nice & smooth~ Really like his subcon. Polite and do work quietly, answer my silly qns patiently.
  9. Hi Mickey M! Yes yes!!! I knew from you! Is it compulsory to have such report or have to pay extra to ask ID/contractor to prepare such reprt? Aiya... My floor tiles in kitchen already done, so do my 2 bathrooms. Don't think can be done even if my contractor willing to do such test and report for me...
  10. I CAN'T ACCEPT THESE!!! 1) Cracks on kitchen walls!!! Getting more and LONGER!!! Hope painting can cover them... sob sob... 2) Can see the wall pink color wall tiles? Promised to cement screed the wall in my living room, end up only do plastering and didn't inform us, and still keep it in the quotation. If not bcos of our out-source electrician's 不小心 made a hole on the wall, think we will pay blindly...
  11. i read from other tblog, got one mentioned abt it ley... Asked other Henners, they dunno abt it too... I confuse liao...
  12. Hi Simon, Thanks for the info. Yup! No more island due to our electrical test. Scare fail if we insist island concept.
  13. Wonder will I get a waterproofing report from Henry anot.
  14. Hi Feimei, I manage to find a carpenter who give me a good package of doing upper and lower kitchen cabinet and box up the pipes (dummy ones). Actually we do not want upper kitchen cabinet in the first place, but wanna cover pipes, wiring stuffs, so no choice... Hubby actually disagrees I look for other carpenter strongly, cos he likes Henry's workmanship after we visited Simon (Lao Da of Henner's Club), but too bad, even though Henry tries hard to work out a reasonable price (with upper cabinet this time) for us, we still can't afford. As we are using our savings and parents' help, not loaning from bank, interest too high. So budget is very tight. In the end, hubby gives in to me, source for other carpenter. Hubby also warns me NO MORE canceling the items from Henry's quotation anymore. YES SIR!!! Pictures are all in hubby's iphone. And he is sleeping soundly now. I dunno how to operate his iphone. Maybe tonight then post. Going to JB to buy lightings. Many said there much cheaper... Well, no harm go see see look look...
  15. Hi Simon, Was advised by Henry that painting can cover the cracks. So we are going to drop the "industrial feel" concept. Thinking of painting it with the color of your dining area. May I know the code of the color? And did you get waterproofing report from Henry? Is this report necessary?