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  1. Fantastic price i will say for a fantastic product.
  2. Typical HDB,implement something without prior warning.With another new rule of only pre-packed cement effective 1st Dec 2014 is only allowed to do cement screeding,any esteemed contractors here that can help to give a ball park figure.Heard the going rates bandied around for 4-5 room BTOs is around $4500-$5K.Any confirmation of this estimated cost.
  3. Depend on whichever way you look at it,both are essentially the same stuff,in short vinyl/pvc floors.To some country of origin is important.Question is,how detrimental it is to health safety in view of toxic emission inhaling.
  4. Cheap is not a factor, the impact it has on the environment and indoor air quality matters most.We don't need another poisonous air competitor to the haze now.
  5. All the craze about the waterproof vinyl flooring,it seems that the floor is not really that waterproof at all.Water is 100% liquid and its not as if the locking joints of a vinyl floor is seamless,what with a 5 mm click joint thickness only.Try splashing a pool of water on it and leave it stagnant for a few long hours,see what happens.Not to mention the toxic emissions from vinyl.Funny how,the exact sales renovation people in general who propose vinyl do not want it in their private spaces,citing the fear of getting cancer one of it.How ironic.
  6. Krono Original?Bikermeow,you should be googling for B Hong Co,who is the dealer if you have any interest in the product.As for Sheridan,why assume?Drop by to check it out.Assumptions always cause problems.
  7. Oh I see,that's fantastic.Can they be installed for outdoor areas?Since it's waterproof.The company still exist?Heard it closed down already.And why in the world will you put those in the toilet?Only half past six designers will use those in the toilets.Else wise,why would public toilets have tiles instead of the all waterproof laminate floor?And yup,country of origin please?Will like to google to see the manufacturing plant of this waterproof laminate floor.
  8. What is popular must be well proven,vinyl is a commoditiy product in the world market for over a century.Why take risks for something new and not proven yet?Plus,consumers always fear the distributor will close down,especially for an unknown product.Thereby,play safe,1 person may be wrong but so many are using vinyl,you can't be wrong,can you?They dun get popular for nothing.
  9. Strange but it seems every interior designers in the market seems to be promoting vinyl/resilient floors.Guess must be the price,waterproof laminate floor must be as wat Sheridan says,expensive.If its gonna be ex,may as well go for homogenous or marble.
  10. Boy,Sheridan you sound like promoting the now recently defunct Floor Depot Spore products.Correct me if i'm wrong but aren't those waterproof flooring products you are referring to originate from China or Malaysia?If it's China made,forget it.In any case,its a combustible product since it's made of wood composites.I doubt its BCA approved.
  11. 99% of all resilient floors all over the world are using a click system technology.I will say as what was being mention Inovar resilient floor without the click joint is considered as primitive technology.Its akin to a door lock without the lock sets.Evorich vinyl floor is to me by far the most reliable outstanding floor,only the price is a factor.The rest of the brands are all just tag alongs and unknown in their longevity.If budget doesn't permit,you should consider to use laminate flooring which is a bit more affordable.Just my 2 cents worth.
  12. These vinyl click on floors are commodities product,going rates are at $4 plus psf.The price being quoted are rather hefty I would say for similar formed products circulating all over the internet.Plus it comes with the baggage of arguments of toxic rubber smell,etc.We sure do not need a vinyl MERS to develop here,i'll say.
  13. Sensa,Germany laminate flooring is a reliable,quality made floor.Seeing is believing.
  14. If u feel the floor decor will still be available after 3 years by all means follow the above,but if you want spare materials to keep,fearing you can't get the similar design again,you should be smart enough to act or re-act to it.