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  1. Just want to update on my renovation. About 2-3 months liao... my wife and me are quite happy with the workmanship... and the aftersales service...
  2. I disagreed. I think Darwin are id, not contactor staff.
  3. I think it is expensive too.. $43k for 4rm essential renovation... look for a few more quotes lah..
  4. So delay and delay , sms dun reply, call dun return ... etc. .. to you is a acceptable way for turning out someone huh? To me, this is basic manner.
  5. I had a bad impression with Defong, if dun wan to do my business, becos of my low budget or wat... just let me know mah... but keep avoiding me till the end, i decided to go with other id... not professional at all. ..
  6. Is this a new heater? It should come with warranty from the manufacturer, have you called them? ...have you also speak to gina about this?
  7. How much did you pay for your Panasonic DH-3BB2S?
  8. Why are you paying for quotation and consultation fees? I think most of us would tell the id our budget, let him works out a quotation and if you are comfortable with the price, then pay a deposit and he will start the 3d drawing. ... And from his previous projects, you should know how good his design is before enaging him...
  9. What happened in the end? Did your parents managed to get back the deposit? You should complain to the company boss... If the storage heater is not installed by CD, i do not see why they have the obligation to fix it up free for you, nothing wrong with this. Either you engage their service at the price of $75 or else engage another contractor. .. as simple as that.
  10. Are you sure of which you referring to this the one at Tiong Bahru? The company is run by the couples, i din see any so called Manager. Furthermore, they do no have 3 branches. The Sales tactics is totally different from what you discribed above. ... i think you refer to the wrong one... i think i came across a company by the name of classic I... & design ...
  11. hi Steve, Sure to post the pic... but my renovation works start only this coming dec . ... confirming with CD now becos i'm having a coming project at the end of the year, therefore want to finalise my ID now...
  12. Hi happy, steve, tea and the rest, finally, i made my confirmation with CD. .. hope everything goes well... will update the progress again.