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  1. I did. Although the contractor is a recommendation from my ID. My ID only come up with the design and drawings. Her takings is 10% of the final bill. I chose her contractor cos they have been working together for some time and also to ensure there's co-ordination between them.
  2. that's a very expensive headboard. But maybe that also depends on the size of the headboard?
  3. I want to do up a photo wall in my place, and looking for reasonably priced photo frames. Looking for plain black ones with glass. The ones at Ikea are ok design wise, but they are plastic. Any other place to recommend that sells photo frames?
  4. For me, I would choose granite. cos i don't want my kitchen top to look like those in the coffeeshop (not sure is it cos no maintenance or what but they look dull and unappealing). But having said that, it also depends on the laminates that you are choosing for your kitchen cabinet and whether it matches the kitchen top that you have chosen.
  5. Hi Where can I find the most selection of bar stools? I need one with metal legs (non swivel-able). Thanks
  6. usually it's held in september, once a year.
  7. Hi I did went to four ID firms (excluding hers) and a contractor for quotes. The IDs gave me roughly the same amount and the contractor never get back to me (don't know is it cos they are too busy or what? tired of chasing him for quote) Compare to the quote I got from those 4 firms, i must say not much difference. The reason why I chose her is her credentials.
  8. For my case, its slightly more expensive but partly its due to some of things that we have chosen such as the caesarstone top. Plus she can't not charge us the 7% GST. A note of clarification - she is from an ID firm but the firm mainly provide consultation. They have a list of contractors that they use.
  9. My ID works that way too. She only comes up with the design and does coordination work between us and the contractor. She gets 10% of the final bill. I chose to do this way cos I don't have the time to co ordinate/supervise the contractor. (I have two kids and my husband is always traveling). Time is previous. So I prefer to let her handle the above. Basically, what she did was she will choose all the bathroom fittings, sink, taps and show us pictures, we select from there. So far only went with her to choose the tiles. We bought the hood, hob, heater, oven and told her when's the delivery, she will co-ordinate the rest. She also get quotations for us. We mainly communicate through emails, sms and phone, unless we need to go to her place to select materials, paint color etc. The downside, of course, is the cost. But for me, its money well spent. And most importantly, you must trust the ID.
  10. You can try Diethelm furniture. Bought my computer chair from them 8 years ago and its still good despite 'abuses' from my two kids. http://www.diethelmfurniture.com/
  11. So far I only managed to find one combination microwave / grill oven, the brand is Brandt. and it costs $1499. Are there any other brands in Singapore with this feature?
  12. Can try: 1. Platform 2. Perswood 3. Jasons Parquet 4. Dr wood Please feel free to add on to the above list.
  13. I'm not doing any fancy TV console or feature wall for my resale flat, just kitchen cabinets and MBR wardrobe. No major hacking of walls either. In such case, I don't see the need to engage an ID. The actual renovation work is simple and can be done by a contractor. But I am looking for a professional to advise on interior decorating aspects - · Wall color · Wall paper · Sofa, coffee table, artwork · Layout of furniture · Floor color · Wardrobe laminate color and finish Any such firms in Singapore, providing interior decorating advice?
  14. I agree but unless you have the luxury of time (ie you need not move out of your current place for the buyer in the stipulated time frame), you need to hunt/shortlist an ID or contractor first base on the floor plan. Things that have been changed by the seller, all I can do is, describe as best as I could. That is why it is very frustrating that the contractors are refusing to quote me base on the floor plan. After all, that is what quotation are for. It is just a quote. Anyway, one would only have the key to the flat in question after the second appointment.