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  1. Motor is silent even at max speed. Used it for master bedroom, so 3 speed is sufficient.
  2. I use the m11su in my bedroom, the height is ok. Also using v56 with no problems, visually appealing and the performance is good (ie speed and motor sound).
  3. Has anyone made orders from www.ministryofdoors.com before?
  4. korbu

    Fabric Sofa

    Bot my sofa @ Harvey Norman in the end
  5. Anybody has any comments on Caesar stone? Thinking of getting their range of quartz stone after much deliberation.
  6. Cos the 18i has a pump. Just contacted the distributor n they have a demo set at the office. Will take a look before deciding the buy.
  7. I was sourcing for CCTV systems and went to sim lim to look for some solutions. All came back to >$800. So I went online and searched for DIY systems and came up with a few solutions. D-link has a cloud ip camera system which adds up to <$600 for a similar config as the ones proposed by sim lim. Tp-link also has something similar to d-link. And you can record the movements or view them live on your smart phone.
  8. Where to find 18i model? I've been to geyland union united and several shops at IMM but none has carried this model.
  9. Just saw a video at www.slate-lock.com advertising a fingerprint activated padlock. Check it out, quite interesting.
  10. korbu

    Kid's Room

    I went to this shop @ funnan centre called ibenma. They specialize in kids furnitures and I think their prices are alright. What I like is that they have 5 year warranty on their furnitures. You may want to check it out.
  11. Hi all, can anyone intro any furniture house that has reputable sofa brands which has waterproof fabric? Cos i'll be placing the furniture close to the window and I think it will be important for the fabric to have waterproof qualities. thanks.
  12. I'm still considering whether to use Quartz or not... haiz... it will be at least 2k more than the solid surface option.
  13. Hi, I've been reading a lot of negative feedback on OM in this forum. Since I chanced upon this thread and most of you purchased your furniture from them, can I ask if there are any problems with your furnitures or with the management? Thanks!
  14. Definitely less than 1.3k la.. Unless that guy quote me wrongly.. I better put a deposit tml
  15. I've just been to Geylang Universal Union and the price they are offering is slightly lesser than what bro Zero is offering.