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  1. Hihi osiris7777, guess by now you have a template to provide your contractor's contacts! Would you mind PM me the info? And for your chosen contractor, may I know if he's an ID or contractor (meaning I have to supply him my design)? TIA
  2. Hi, I'm considering this anti-slip solution by this local company, and wonder if anyone has used it before? Or have any alternative suggestions? http://www.gmesintl.com/index.php/do-it-yourself-solution Thanks in advance for your suggestions and comments!
  3. Hi reyulin, may I know if you managed to install Jackloc in your home finally, and how's your review on usage so far? I'm considering them for my new apartment. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I'd like to ride on this discussion to understand more about the various "brands" (vendors, companies, whatever we term it ) of invisible grille concept in Singapore, cos I'm also looking to install for my new house. There are: - LeGate - LeHome (seems same company as Legate?) - Meridian (seems same company as Legate?) - Invisystech - Invisible Grille Concept (IGC) as cited by flynnie - and more?? So, which one to go for?
  5. Hi, I'd appreciate a copy of the list too. Kindly PM. Thank you!!
  6. Hi, does anyone have any feedback on Purion Wall or have engaged them for your house? Is the purification function true? Thanks!
  7. cool! tks for the great pc of info! will check out Chinatown (People's Park actuali ) in tis case.
  8. Hi, can anyone tell me other than Spotlight, where else can i buy the 'insides' (foam filling) for huge bean bags? TIA!
  9. hi duke, i'm not sure what ur price range is like for "good price" but I've seen such rugs @ LUSH when I went there last Sat. In fact there were lots of different colors for such bling-bling rugs. you may wish to take a look over there. And I think there's some promotion going on. Can give them a call to confirm the price before making a trip down. Tel: 65-6858 5882 Hope this helps!
  10. jopp

    Canvas Printing

    Hello! First and foremost, I'd like to thank SweetPears for the recommendation of Brilliant Prints. I was oso looking for a suitable painting for my house and came by this thread. Though there weren't lotsa reviews in RT yet on this company, I decided to give it a shot. And voila, i just collected my canvas print (61x61cm) from Brilliant Prints last Sat! I'd like to say that I'm extremely satisfied customer...just like SweetPears. The end product was exactly wat i wanted! But what's a great product without excellent service? Dylan, one of the bosses, is such a friendly guy. Indeed, I'd like to second Ormix's post on his comments abt BP - responsive, fantastic service! I had requested to Dylan to have my canvas print ready by that weekend when I oni emailed him the image last Thurs morning. Of cos, I would understand if he couldn't rush it out for me...since it's like just 2-3 days leadtime I'm giving him. BUT, Dylan surprised me by calling me on Fri that my canvas print is ready!! (OMG...did the poor guy work through the night?) Then I decided that I'd pick up my print at his gallery @ Genting Lane instead of courier. His office is located in a rather rundown office building but it's clearly distinctive with the main door painted in RED. With the 'site visit', I was able to see all the other incredible pieces of his in the gallery, some waiting for customers to pick up. It sure feels very good to be surrounded by all the very impressive canvas artwork. (If u feel dat the canvas prints look good on the website, u shud see the real thing!) There were also a few wedding potraits displayed - and it just confirmed my idea to have mine done up in canvas print rather than the usual framed up photo for my bedroom! LOL Dylan din just want me to pick up the completed goods and go. In fact, we had a nice chat about his business which is still young in SG. From his words, I certainly understood his rationale for the 'guarantee' statement published on his website - and it's indeed a genuine statement. Don't like, don't take. Anyway, I think I should stop here (lest it starts to look like I'm advertising for them...which i'm not, cross my heart!)...the rest of it is for you to experience by yourselves. And finally, "all talk no evidence = EMPTY talk" rite? haha! Here are some to share! This is how the rear looks like...sturdy framing, nice wraps. Genuinely from Brilliant Prints! The masterpiece...
  11. Hi, I have a customized TV console but the cabinet does not have enuf depth to fit in the DVD player of my Home Theatre System. (Bought the thingy without considering measurements!) So now i need to rest the player outside the cabinet, on top of the console surface. but elevating it on a rack will look nicer. Does anybody know where will b a good place to find a nice stand/rack for a DVD player, other than at Adelphi?
  12. Hi, Other than Ikea, is there anywhere else dat sells swivel chairs dat r not so 'office-like'? Am looking for one dat is more stylish, *****...and of cos, not too expensive.
  13. thanks for the info, sinner! i'll check it out at HomeFix then.
  14. Hi, does anybody noe where to buy those frosted like stickers for glass doors/panels which come in Alphabets? Or if I can get it DIY anywhere? Thanks for the help!
  15. do u hv any specific shop dat i can go to? Cos i've oredi recce dat place last wkend...so far saw 1 shop selling such alarms, but as the person at the shop was bad in explaining the product (jus couldn't get any clear information from them), i refuse to get anything fm them.