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  1. I am looking for this too, i heard it's about S$2000 for 2 metres for just the mechanism alone
  2. Are the grohe / hansgrohe mixers bought from iceprice and insani compatible with the local threads and diameter without adapters?
  3. Hello, may I have the contact for your contractor E&J? I am thinking of just using contractors, no ID involved. Thank you!
  4. hey kim, thanks for replying! you should receive an award for your t-blog haha. I am also looking for thermostatic mixer, but my new condo already have a mixer (non-thermostatic). I am concerned if I buy from overseas, the distance between the hot/cold pipe may be different, thus cannot fit, and the thread is different, and may not be able to accommodate the adaptor connector. Did anyone face similar issues?
  5. Anyone has installed the Jackloc window restrictors or is interested? I can't find anyone selling it in SG, probably will be buying from overseas. If anyone need it as well for child safety, we can buy together
  6. any lobang to get this kitchen faucet from overseas at a cheaper price? http://www.us.kohler.com/us/Karbon%E2%84%A2-Faucets/content/CNT7900013.htm?id1=www.kohler.com/karbon/ iceprice don't sell leh, amazon does sell, but i think US the threading different from SG, so not compatible right?
  7. Any recommendation for steam oven?
  8. What's the lumens for your projector? I tot bulb only change 4-6k hours?
  9. I am reviving this thread because I have contacts to sea ship items from USA to SG, wondering if it's worth it to ship a beautyrest black mattress from USA. Anyone tried or is interested?
  10. I am also considering a projector + motorized screen (concealed) for a more minimalist design of the living room. The primary concern would be the short throw distance, ambient light, and HD quality. I have narrowed down to 2 models: Benq W1070+ S$1499 Epson TW6600 S$2099 (can get around $1.9k) Preferred Epson due to its 3LCD technology, and its wireless version means that only 1 cable will be required for the projector, for power supply. Anyone installed projector and motorized screen in the living room care to share your experience? :-)
  11. Anyone tried to import or buy locally top hotel mattresses like those from Westin, Sheraton, Four Seasons etc? They are usually from Simmons or Sealy, seem to be cheaper and of higher quality than what we can get from departmental stores. I personally loved the Sheraton Sweet Sleeper by Sealy.
  12. Hello everyone, Anyone installed this bladeless ceiling fan? REMOVED Primarily interested in it because of safety issues, and its minimalistic design, but not sure if it's gonna be strong wind, coz my dyson fans are too weak for my liking.