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  1. Hi, we are fine with the viewing height. here's an image of it.
  2. Hi blue_diamond, tried to PM you but your inbox is full. kindly PM me instead for J's contact. thank you!
  3. Hi bsxk, I've PM-Ed you J's contact. Yes we are very satisfied with J and his team and his Workmanship. No major rework needed. All done as promised.
  4. Hi, here's the link for the tv console: http://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=36290606590&spm=2014.12193480.0.0&skuId=36034485012 We have not placed our TV on it yet. Will take a picture once we do so.
  5. Elyse18: hi, our kitchen laminates aren't white white. It's more cream. Anyways we used "lamitak pearl akemi ash WY4232X" Auckerian: hi, PM sent
  6. Tv console arrived and delivered yesterday. I was expecting a somewhat ikea quality but surprise surprise, it turned out better! Console seems sturdy and the weight of it feels good. (heavy) Came with an instructions manual. Both hubz and i are noobs to anything which requires assembly but we managed to fix this despite taking us 4 hours to do so. haha!
  7. Hi lyntan22, Yes that's correct. I don't remember the exact dimensions but my table is 1.6m and bench 1.4m
  8. Hi lyntan22, the table feels very solid. Am impressed with the quality for the price i paid. Here's the link for the chairs: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=41410496078&spm=2014.12193480.0.0 My dining set cost approximately $480. For shipping i paid about $246. I had other items in that shipment which weighs 96KG in total. I hope this helps
  9. Wallflower: Hi, i have PM-ed you J's contact. brickornobrick: Here's the link. I ordered my black/wooden chairs from a different seller. http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=41937301052&spm=2014.12193480.0.0 I ordered and shipped via 65daigou.
  10. Hi Clownprince's wife! Thanks, my FIL installed our fan for us and he says you made it very tight. Will try DeadEnd's suggestion. Let me know how yours goes. Good Luck! Hi DeadEnd! that's very comforting to know that you tampoi and TB fans works for you. Will try your method. Fingers crossed, i hope it works. OceanEleven, Yes i am sure Aesthetically it will look really nice. Cost is a factor but what hinders me the most is cleaning it. I saw dirt trapped in my current brick wall and cleaning is a pain. haha.
  11. Hi Farisj07, we were recommended through word of mouth. I will PM you their contact tonight. DeadEnd: Hi! Wow! thanks!! Will ask J about it today. It was actually told to me by his assistant R and we were taken aback because i clearly asked the people at Tampoi before purchasing my fan if it is suitable for HDB flats and they said Yes. May i know how balancing is done? Also we noticed that when it's on high speed, it tilts more to the left and indeed it's very worrying. Did it happen to yours?