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  1. One brand new Samsung fridge (still in box) for sale. Delivery: None. Buyer has to arrange own. RCP: $459 Price: $390 Email me adrianz_13@yahoo.com.sg
  2. So how much did you paid to reupholster each chair?
  3. Hello to all forumers, I have 4 dining chairs and the PU leather has flaked off. Has anyone done any re-upholstery(to PU, to leather or to acrylic) and any recommendations on the contractors? Thank you so much.. :yamseng:
  4. Just did a check on Opennet. 79 A- D will be after June 2012. And Blk E is undergoing deploying..i presume is cables laying in the manhole...
  5. hur?? No letter from Opennet wor.............. I think they have screwed up again lah.....after the installation delay bombard....
  6. Get a cord instead of cordless. You don't want to drill until half way and battery flat. Cord is more reliable although the convenience is not there..
  7. Bosch is an industrial brand and for heavy duty drilling. Black and Decker are for home use.
  8. Anyone tried "The Helping Hands" along Upper Serangoon Road??
  9. All carpenters know how to install. But you need to inform your ID early that you are buying blum as the hinge hole and screw holes differ from one another. I have brought from Kiang Sing Hong, And believe it or not, buy from them is much cheaper than going through ID. Don't forget they have to earn. 2 hinges will require one soft closing mechanism. So you need to count how many hinges you need and divide the no. by half for the no. of soft closing. chEErs...
  10. The selling price is really tempting.... Even a lower level 4rm unit could possibly fetch $500,000...
  11. porkypig

    In A Dilemma

    I am still thinking and weighting up options. Thank you
  12. porkypig

    In A Dilemma

    Going to 34 this year.. Will check the contract. I am a bit concern when the contract is ending as well. Some companies do not have perm headcount and they employ contract staff while waiting for headcount.