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  1. Hi. Thanks for recommendation. Checked the harware store for these gears. Seemed like I'm running into some problem here. To cut the story short, I'm trying to install a L bracket support to hold my curtain rail **** hall & bedroom. Just found that it's quite a challenging task right now. In the bedroom, my contractor install a L-box along the ceiling and the vertical wall distance in between is like 1.5in only. As I understand the tool must be pointed in perpendicular to the wall, right? The L-box is kind of blocking the way now. For the L-box in living hall, it's worse. Contractor did open up a rectangular space at the L-box around the window, but it doesn't seem to allow the power drill/driver to position itself in perpendicular to the wall. Any idea to get around this problem?
  2. Hi, Wanted to install the bracket holder for my curtain rail. Have been shopping around for power drill/screw driver set. Saw the familiar brand like black & decker etc. Can you help recommend the brand of the power tool that is good to own for DIY/ house maintenance. Few points that I would like to consider are the functionality (whether it work well on metal/wooden parts), durability, interchangability (can hold various drill/screw head), price etc. Seldom use the power tool before we own our first house. Hence, will be grateful if you could share your experience. Thank you.
  3. Hi all, We accidentally peeled off one small paint area on the wall while moving furniture around. If just applying a new paint a top, might still see this "50cent" paint area chipped off from the wall. Does anyone have some good idea of how to repair this? Can we use sand paper to smooth out the edge? If yes, what type of sand paper to be used? Worried that we might crack the paint further if using the wrong sand paper. The wall has been plastered recently. Please help. Thank you.
  4. Hmmm. Most Japanese brands are assembled or made in Thailand or China or Malaysia nowadays. Quality is not as good as early days. Anyway, I just bought Mitsubishi. Hope it will last longer. Have purchased extended warranty as it's also made in Thailand.
  5. Bought at courts expo sales today. No free gift for this model. Anyway, hope everything is fine then.
  6. We just bought the older 707 model. Not very keen on the new shower head design, as our bathroom is really small. After installing, find out that the water flow is too small. Waiting for the dealer to rectify the problem. Wishes us luck huh.
  7. Have exactly the same doubt. The samsung one is completely sealed off at the back while the panasonic one will have compressor exposed to the air. Salesman told me that panasonic is made in Thailand and can't compete with Samsung that is made from Korea. Still try to find out more details about it.
  8. Gaincity salesman told me that Panasonic one come from Thailand. Unlike samsung where the back is fully sealed off, the panasonic one is not due to immature skill in Thailand plant. What do you all think?
  9. Hi, Plan to get the 2door Mitsubishi fridge. Anyone is using this brand now? Please help comment for the model MR-F62BA. Thank you very much.
  10. I haven't moved in as well. My house's now under renovation. Very disturbing to see the water dropping 24/7 from the ceiling. HDB guy told me 2 days ago that it should be the upstair washing machine pipe that caused problem and the owner upstair should fix it. They seemed not solving the problem yet. Water's still dropping like rainfall till today. Should complain directly to the owner tomorrow.
  11. Is there any leak at your ceiling? Did you manage to solve the problem? Hope mine could be resolved soon.
  12. They used non-standard aluminum piping. That's our concern. Other vendors told us that this is 2-3x cheaper than copper. Will cost us a bomb if we need maintenance in the future. Think this statement might be true. Only heard this vendor is using Al piping so far. Have to come back to them whenever we have problem on piping huh?
  13. Yeah. Regreted not to get my kdk fan from JB. It costs us $430 each for 56VK series. Heard that we could get it at least 50% cheaper in JB. Singapore vendor really has lots of margin huh?
  14. May I know how much is your 707 heater? I paid $220 for it. Think it's very expensive as I saw some Forumers are getting it at $150. Any recommended shop for this? Want to get another one for my second bathroom. Thanks.
  15. Hi all, Just bought my 40yr old 3 room flat. Recently found out that the ceiling near my kitchen extension is leaking. HDB had come for inspection last week. Just wonder if there is any good solution to help fix this while waiting for HDB to investigate the upstair flat. Does anyone know roughly the cost of fixing this problem? Now very worried as HDB told me that this will be a shared cost. Please help give some advice if you come across this problem before. Thank you very much.