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  1. don't think can adjust the pressure i'm using magnetic door stopper for almost 3 yrs so far so good. it's anchored to the floor. if you don't want to damage the floor can try those rubber stopper commonly available. HTH
  2. wow this is so dangerous! HDB realli cock. never think when come to designing such basic stuffs. my common toilet is so small due to the "protruding" wall that they used to conceal the pipes....
  3. daikin. issue shouldnt be about size of compressor rather if the contractor willing to find a way out to solve it or as usual, taking the easy way out
  4. i'm staying in 4 room, mounted 2 inverter compressor on top of one another but i changed my aircon window to sliding cos the original was push open so i can service or repair the compressor.
  5. sorry to hear that. it be hard to get someone to do it for you as its very hassle and i'm not sure if town council will allow that too cos you need to show certificates during the booking.
  6. the shop next to the 7/11 in buona vista sell them. its at the redbrick flats, where the famous xo crab bee hoon used to be.
  7. call tanjong pagar town council. they the one in charge of it.
  8. think our town council is very rich. the cleaners finished washing the floors and just dump the whole roll of pipes on outside my floor lift landing. been 2 weeks and no one bother to keep them away, not even the cleaner who maintain the corridor or perhaps they do not come to maintain at all
  9. wait till the rain come den be real test. dun think the walkway shelter be workable. there even issues with leaves falling into middle of the hawkers.... ya our MP is on facebook can ask him in as friend
  10. haha ya i think it is planters perhaps to cushion or act as buffer in case more people jump again...
  11. hehe maybe he now duplicate his "winkplay trees" and sell liao. happily retire liao. just met him look super handsome and yantao compared to the last time i met him
  12. khiz christmas coming you dress up as santa and come along our house to drag us go la there tis new cake shop near the UOB ATM, the old hawker centre (under reno). the cake and cookies are simple delicious and reasonable price. worth having a try
  13. life same old same old... hope next stop can aimi at place with pte swimming pool liao.