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  1. Hello ... Can we change the date to 10 Jul instead ?? Coz Jeff has something on 11 JUL ..
  2. hey linda !! so fast u wanna move again ?? WOW
  3. hey all, kelly got into serious injury recently, unable to join us for this sat gathering .. she is paisei that she unable to pass us whatever we want to get from her .. can i suggest that we all pay her a visit at her home n can also dognap her sasha n peanut ?? let me know soon , so that i can let her know.. =)
  4. erhmm.. i went on monday evening leh .. i can even count how many customer vs the staff wor
  5. btw brewbaker's very quiet ... i like the outside but the view of the lake is still blocked ..
  6. basement ?? oh the guy din tell me wor .. tomolo i shall find out ..
  7. heeehee i call n check liao ... the cafe is just behind the CC , facin the river ... SKErs, pls arrange somedays asap !! http://www.brewbakers.com.sg/contact.htm and can even fly kites at the open field if we meetin in the late afternoon ... :D
  8. huh how to get there ... which side of the centre ? *wink wink to compassvale kekeke
  9. am game on any place .. can forget abt dieting ... yummy makan can make one happy will be free from Sat evening till thursday , coz Ran's Op has been reschduled to later due to the H1N1 scare .. but sun is Mother's Day .. you guys decide hor .. and let me know .. Me leaving for Japan later in 3hrs time .. Byeee
  10. hey ppls .. any more makan gathering ?? are we still driving into Malaysia someday ??
  11. dun b upset ger ... your BF so understanding n even offer to make time for you .. =) hugs .. do take care of yourself .. weather is not good lately ..
  12. heehee .. i just concess onto the bed once after jeff saw me home .. mum said i totally smell of dogs .. haha i dun care .. too tired .. was very clean anyway , ninja n yuki licked me clean .. Wakaka oh okie dokie .. must remind me to bring along my staff pass .. hehee Makan gathering on 17April Apple Jie Val Mrs Compassvale
  13. hmm.. if you dun mind seein me stoning .. haha .. will be back from flight that afternoon ..
  14. so are we still planning for 17th ??