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  1. Used for a year only. Very good condition. In addition to the open and used filter, I'll throw in 2 additional new filters. Looking at $750, interested parties, please SMS or whatsapp 8126-4723
  2. I am using Xiaomi Mi Remote and Fanco is not listed in there. Tried several common brands but can't control the fan. Has anyone experimented and found a compatible brand that can be used to control Fanco fan ?
  3. My washing bay tap leaked and I DIY a replacement. Changing it is the easy part. The tough part is how to make sure the angle is correct such that the tap is facing down! Tried putting more coils of white tapes, but to no avail. Cracking my head, anyone here has a solution to this?
  4. Yeah, plus the fact that it's quite rusted and dirty. So in the end, i turned it 1/5 way down and got stuck. Got in a plumber to use his BIG HUGE wrench/plier or watever the tool is called to grip below and I turn the tap on top ! Most hardware stores in neighbourhood store will not carry this size.
  5. Hopefully this is a simple question. I always have problem screwing on a wall tap (e.g. For water hose or washing machines) and when fully tightened, it does not face down, instead it's off-angle. I tried putting more rubber washer or increasing the thickness of the white tape but to no avail. Any tips from fellow DIYers ? Thanks
  6. Tried removing myself, plier too small to get a firm grip, removed everything, moved the nut 1/5 way down and got stuck. In the end, called in a plumber instead
  7. I've an extendable kitchen basin tap (with hot & cold feature. I intend to remove it for replacement. However, I realized that the "locking nut" at the bottom of the tap is HUGE ! It's 45mm wide and hardware stores I go to do not have such a huge socket wrench to remove it. Any suggestions on how I can remove it ? The working space is really tight ....
  8. Hi, I just realized the underside of my kitchen sink has this layer of water condensation as well. Any solution so far ?
  9. Any idea where I can buy those backing thin ply wood for the back of the cupboards ? Thanks :
  10. Any recommendation ? Can I paint or apply myeslf ? Any advise will be highly appreciated !
  11. Thanks all ! Got the problem Solved ! It was due to a leaky tap ! I had that replaced and the noise is totally gone ! Apparently, when another tap is turned off, that particular moment, causes pressure and that tap leaks ! Didn't know until my maid told me. The seal is probably gone in that tap with lots of algae around it !!!!
  12. Recently, my house water pipes give off a loud humming sound when I on the tap. I tried adjusting the pressure at the main, with little help. It seems like something is causing vibrations in the pipes behind the wall. Any advise on how to solve it ?
  13. Yeah, that's what I heard most. Had it removed. Now finding place to find it. It's leaning against a wall now !
  14. Read mixed feedback on hanging wedding photo above master bed. Some say good, some say bad, but mainly for the reason that in case it drop and hit any of us. So, is it really bad to hang wedding photo above master bed ?
  15. Got gold fish (previous was koi, but died as I add timer to the pump !) and water lettuce.. but the fishes seems to like eating them !