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  1. Update - These LEDs remain unopened and I have 30 pieces ( See Picture of packaging condition ) Megaman provides a 2 year warranty from date of purchase ( I will give you a copy of the receipt to cover your warranty as well )
  2. f you looking for ultra bright (480 lumens), low wattage (8W), ultra color accurate halogen intensity warm beam lighting ( 2800K Warm white), Dimmerable plus with integrated drivers ( no need separate driver for each bulb - literally plug & play!) - This is one of the only few in the LED lamps market that offers all the high end benefits of commercial lighting for residential use. I just completed my renovation, and high specced the whole house with these beauties - but ordered too many. MegaMan sells these for S$55 per piece at their main shop. Worldwide prices are similar at around 28 Euro a piece. I am shifting the lot at only S$30 a piece. I have about 30 pieces left. (New & Un-Opened!) Official Megaman link: http://www.megaman.cc/products/led/l.../?voltage=220v Pictures below; Please contact me directly at 975-292-ONE-FIVE, to buy. Thanks.
  3. As consumers, we have zero protection and people in this industry can cheat on whim, even if they had no intention to do so at the start - so the reno process is usually legit and clean until the money starts changing hands and for many IDs, suddenly having hundreds of thousands of dollars in their trust - can change their behavior overnight. My ID thought she could flip 200K into a million dollars before she actually had to pay the builder and Architect - and obviously it did not happen that way and she lost everything. Thanks for the tip Lauer - I like the gold nugget about her PR renewal. She will need to bear some burden and lose some sleep of her ill ways - instead of just my family bearing the brunt of her mistakes over the last year.
  4. As the ID who misappropriated my funds ( $200K plus) remains free and peddling her services in Singapore & Johor - It is my civic duty to inform fellow Singaporeans of her Identity and allow people to make an informed choice as to whether they should trust this woman with their advanced fees for their renovation projects. I will reserve all my judgements of her ill-conduct. MS. DEBBIE CHONG LEE VOON ( PKA: Beaufort Chong ) SG ID: S7660524F ( BLUE IC ) MY ID: 761015145816 ( Malaysian IC ) Company: d'CRUZ Interior Design ( Singapore Registered: 53178735-D) LINKEDIN: http://sg.linkedin.com/pub/debbie-ex-beaufort-chong/26/47b/285 I hope this helps people who may have or are in contact or contract with her for ID work.
  5. I always knew that the attractive air-con prices we see everyday in the newspapers & IMM will never apply to landed houses - but wow what a big difference it seems! Does this seem reasonable? Check it out; To provide labour, tools and materials to install daikin inverter wall mounted type air con with conceal refrigerant pipes, upvc drainage pipes and control 1) DAIKIN 4MKS80ESG / FTKS50FVM / FTKS50FVM ( 18,000BTU / 18,000BTU ) Landed Special Price :$ 4,700 HDB Standard Price : $3,400 ( Difference 1.3K more ) 2) DAIKIN 3MKS71ESG / FTKS50FVM / FTKS25DVM (18,000BTU / 9000BTU Landed Special Price :$ 4,500 HDB Standard Price : $2,400 ( Difference 2K more!! ) 3) DAIKIN 3MKS71ESG / FTKS35DVM / FTKS25DVM (12,000BTU/9000BTU / 9000BTU Landed Special Price :$ 5,300 HDB Standard Price : $3,300 ( Difference 2K more!! ) Total damage for 7 coils & 3 Compressors including; 1) Class-1 3/4 and 1/2 thick flexible insulation for refrigerant pipes. 2) Gauge - 22 refrigerant pipe. 3) Upvc drainage 16mm pipes with 3/8 insulation 4) Upvc trucking for external installation. 5) Key stone brand wire S$15,515 ( Or about 5K more then HDB installation ) Just like to check with follow bros here if this is indeed the ballpark prices you paid for your install if you stay in a 2 storey landed house. Cheers
  6. My re-con plan includes a 4ft x 6ft glass skylight to be integrated into my Lysaught metal roof - located in the middle of the roof pitch, directly below the living room. Builder seems reluctant to proceed, citing "leaking" problems in a few years - saying the silicon will wear out in our heat. While it always seems logical when it comes to heat and silicon wear - I do see lots of houses who have a skylight of some sort in Singapore - if it is destined to leak - why is it so popular? Or is it just technique and quality of installation? Anybody with a sklylight can comment on their experience so far? Thanks
  7. Thanks all for your concern and constructive comments. Turns out the ID did use the money for some "get rich quick scam" and lost it all. She has since surrendered her IC to us which allowed me to prepare a Promissory Note for the return of the money when she re-mortgages her house. I also prepared a note to discharge myself from the original contract to protect myself. Puttting the lost money aside ( for now ) We have assumed the role of project manger and resumed full steam ahead with the re-con and contiunued payments directly to the builder who is now buidling the house at a break-neck speed. My worry now is making enough money to make the progressive payments that come with fast construction! I will reveal the ID's name/ photos/ addresses/ IC is good time - its my promise to her when she does not pay me back the full sum.
  8. Hi, I have an on-going re-construction to my single storey semi-d which involves extensive new space on the ground floor and a whole new 2nd storey. Total Project cost is at about S$400K ( excluding submissions & professional fees) Anyway - we are about 50% through the re-con ( All the legal permits were granted 4 months back) and we are just about install the re-bar and concreting for the 2nd floor and I have paid my ID about 50% of the project cost progressively over 4 payments over the last 6 months, or about 220K so far. Just prior to CNY, I noticed work progress dropping dramatically and thought nothing of it - but now 3 weeks later, I got a call directly from the builder ( which is unusal bc my contract is with the ID, and the ID deals with the builder ). the builder informs me that the ID missed a large payment, of which I had already given to the ID in December! Panic struck, I call the iD and demand some answers, and it seems the ID ran into financial diffiuclty, likely spent much of the money I sent to her and was not able to pay the builder. The ID in turn pleas that I pay the builder first while she gets a loan to make up the missed payment. Not wanting to delay my project any further, I immediately meet the builder at his office and make the lost payment - the builder proceeds to purchase the re-bar and work has resume today immediately. Now that my ID is in financial diiffculty - I can no longer trust any further payments to her, and instead did an interim discussion with the builder to know his actual costing to my ID - with the intent to forwarding furture remaining payments to the builder, at least until his costs (the builder) is fully covered. Any extra left will be given to the ID to sort out the carpentry & electrical works. There are some complexities 1) Should I clarify my legal position since she has defaulted on her payment to the builder - if so, what should I do?? 2) My agreement is with the ID, not with the builder - and since my intent is to now forward remaining payments to the builder directly - what should I do?? Anyone had to deal with this type of crisis before? Any practical or legal advice will be much appreciated Thanks!
  9. Dun forget - NPARKS Fee of $2140 I am getting this as my recon moves along....money really has to grow on trees if you renovate your house.
  10. Thanks - appreciate the heads up - the builder is actually a reputable firm with con-current projects at NUS, building some aquatics centre. The 63K top-up ( 18K plus 63K ) was given directly by the builder - unlikely with any margins added by the ID.
  11. Now too late to turn back and investigate if should use Architect or not - My budget was about 200 - 300K max, most Architects wont even want to touch. I had many builders come and quote - almost always 600K - 1MIL for 2 storey ( Semi-D ) So it was mostly a budget contrained decision - IDs consstently quoted about about 300L plus
  12. You are saying that at 2.5 storey may not need soil test or bomb shelter, but 3 storey need? What are the thresh-holds for both? Mine is a 2 storey, 1st floor only A&A type of work, but adding a full second floor of about 1000 SF. - Does Fire safety require bombshelters typically?
  13. My Single storey semi-d orginally started out as a conservative A&A undertaken by an ID to; 1) Renovate existing 1st floor of 1500SF 2) Add an "Attic" of about 650SF - made out of 25mm woodplank. 3) Change the roof 4) Add big side garden patio and new front garage roof. Total damage - $290K After engaging an Architect/PE, my ID realized her brilliant A&A design was too big, so had re-classify as 'Re-Construction". As part of the new deal - I topped up a further $12K to maximise the 2nd floor to 1000SF. Double the Professional & Submission Fees ( from $15K - change to $30K ) Total Damage now after first cock up - $$330K After submitting to URA & BCA. URA approved which was great - then BCA demanded for a soil report based on my PE's submission - I refused b/c mine was a marginal re-con, orginally an A&A design (with 25mm wooden plank as 2nd floor) hardly exceed the 75kilo-pascal weight you find in bigger reconstructions. BCA relented - so I save 5K. Now I find out FSB rejected my 25mm wooden plank 2nd floor - Demand that the entire 2nd floor now must be RConcrete floor PLUS BOMB SHELTER, PLUS Soil Test. ID now proposed additional costs for this new fiasco; To Do RC FLOOR & Bomb Shelter - add S$63K Submissions - add another $9K Soil Test - Ad another $5K Total Damage now S$400K plus. Not mentioned is the added time for submissions or re-submissions. I am not against doing RC floor, it just so happened the original A&A plan was to save cost, so obviously no RC floors which does add alot more building and submission costs - it just how incremental things have gotten even before work has started. I will appreciate any feedback on my experience thus far - if the soil test or bomb shelter requirement is an overkill for a relatively small project like mine, the top up for RC floor ( 1000 SF add 63K to the original 18K charge - so should be net about 80K for the RC floor for 1000SF) Thanks.
  14. your price is reasonable. can you PM your contact? thks

  15. BTW - My PE also just fly 747 on me. So I am missing of 2 persons to do the RECON PERMITS 1) PE to do Drawings - S$7K ( Need One ) 2) Architect Chop - S$7K ( Need One ) 30 Submissions - S$7K ( Have ) Anybody can recommend someone to do part 1 and 2? and costing similar? Thanks!!!