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  1. my pcb costs about the same as yours including labour - change 1 pcb labour is $50. so i have total of 4 PCB spoilt. $200 labour, the main board pcb on the compressor blew. the rest is indoor FCU pcb is about $150~.. total almost 1k .. screw starmex and jackneo
  2. I just want to share my experience with a fairly new Mitsubishi Electric Starmex inverter a/c for those who are planning to purchase this series.. MXY-GExxVA I am using a system 4 starmex a.c. Over a year old , barely used. One fine day discovered that one of my FCU cannot turn on. After a few months,another one of the bedroom FCU could not power up. Next thing I check was the other 2 room, luckily they are able to power up the a/c but the air is not cold. (FCU working for a minute or so and the led blinks and automatically turned itself off) I continued to check the compressor and found it not running. Call in the repairman from Mit. and they came within a week. technician arrived and turn on my FCU, then proceed to the compressor and almost immediately pull out the power controller for the compressor unit and replace it. (it seems that he already know what component is spoil) told me i had to replace all the 3 PCboard on the FCU as well. What kind of crap MEQuality is that... after 1 year the pcb gives so much problems, I really wonder are they making money out of replacing their consumers' pcboards. please all ME starmex users if you had the same problem, let me know and I will log it down.
  3. hi, i am using mit starmex, odd problem, turn on to fan mode only for 1 fcu but blows out cold air. after less than few days of use, one of the fcu cannot power on. next thing i know all the other 3 fcu blowing warm air and lights blinking and auto power off. now even the compressor is not running..... i'd advise all to avoid this a/c, it is as problematic as jack...
  4. did your id / carpenter charge u xtra for the cabinet interior laminates?
  5. hi can u share with me ur contact for the kitchen faucet and lightings? thanks
  6. how did the tiler/cement base guy coordinate the measurement with the carpenter? the price for both of ur wet work and carpentry is very cheap, my id quote $800 for cement base and $4k for the carpentry excluding the solid top.
  7. hi, I like the design of ur kitchen. I am looking for a id/contractor to do the cement sink base like yours. can i have ur id/contractor info and number? how much did the kitchen cost?
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    Do You Diy?

    couldn't resist myself when I saw this sub-forum after reading the news....just a joke on my first post. cheers!