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  1. You are absolutely right about that when it comes to storage water heaters
  2. Your tile must be marble, because the same thing happened to me before and after i dropped some wax on my marble tile, i could not remove the wax at all, its like the wax got etched into the marble tile, hmm
  3. Seems like it to me too that the rubber seal is not working as its supposed to
  4. This kind of issue with plastering is common and nothing to worry about
  5. Thats what i suspect as well from the looks of it
  6. Had managed to use the HCL89 from the http://hcl89.byethost10.com site before and can vouch for it. My tiles used to be stained and dirty but somehow the the HCL89 managed to clean it up pretty nicely, i would recommend it
  7. Manged to get hold of the HCL89 from the http://hcl89.byethost10.com site. So far my wall tiles seems to have become quite clean and am quite pleased with the result. Will recommend the product for those that have hard to clean stains on their tiles
  8. Correct, it will probably be a new set of accessories
  9. Actually it would help to know what actually spilled on the granite, if something did indeed spilled onto it, hmm
  10. You install the fan yourself or the person you bought the fan install for you?
  11. Used the HCL89 from http://hcl89.byethost10.com before, really top notch product, managed to remove all dirty debris from my tiles after the renovation of my new flat, recommended if you want a cheaper solution to acid wash
  12. Not too sure what causes this actually
  13. I have one question to ask, i always travel for work and when i come home i notice my toilet floor is very dirty and the grouts black, its seems very difficult to clean them, anyone expereinced this before? If yes what are the solutions to remedy this? Any help is appreciated