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  1. I'm a nikon user, but cant afford nikon wide angle lens. So I bought a sigma 10-22 mm.
  2. I bought the tv console from OM. Yes, 10 mm wide angle.
  3. It is not a fire rated door. The stainless steel handles were purchased separately. The door is a black veneer door which I believe any door supplier can do it.
  4. Sorry for not updating my blog for a while. have been busy settling into my new place. here are some pictures which I took this evening. Will take more in the coming weekend.
  5. Shifted in yesterday. All furniture should be in by today. Will post up more pics maybe tomo after I've tidied up my place a bit. Do check my blog.
  6. Yes it was included in the kitchen reno cost. No idea how much it is. Guess should be about $500 to $1K, as the whole thing is wrapped in solid surface. But do take note that the table is very heavy and u will need at least two persons to shift it.
  7. Thanks. The LED light for the white wall comes with many colours. It has a remote control which allows me to adjust the colours. As for cabinet, I didn't want to do it all the way up, as i felt it would look funny.
  8. Thanks. but I guess I have to live with the problem. haha...
  9. Not too sure about the price as I didn't go ard checking prices, as I didn't have the time to do so. In terms of service wise, not too bad. They have quite wide selection of blinds and curtains for you to choose.
  10. Nope. I got all my blinds from MGL at Eminent Plaza.
  11. My blinds are up. Didn't really like those in my bedrooms.