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  1. There is Led light shop near Eunos Mrt, selling cheaply. You may want to check it out. Got square and round ones. No warranty though.
  2. Hi, Please pm me your light and fan catalog. Planning to get some new lights and probably fan. Thanks.
  3. newspace, Your PM cannot accept new message. I am interested to install vinyl tile for my kitchen and yard. Please pm me your contact. Thanks.
  4. You can also order online and have them delivered to you. Here are some URLs but if you google online, there are more. Personally tried the 1st one and their marinated chicken wing is good. http://www.ezb.com.sg http://www.bbqwholesale.com http://www.leeweebrothers.com
  5. I am not good at this but here is what I learnt from the salesperson. TH-42PV8H (plasma) looks like old model, it is good enough for normal TV watching. Colours more natural. TX-42LZ80MS (lcd) looks newer, Full HD but not 100MHz . But for fast motion, this is comparable PV8. Consume less electricity.
  6. Megatex price as of Sat: Panasonic TX-42LZ80MS for $1299 + $100 NTUC Voucher Panasonic TH-42PV8H for $1199 + $300 NTUC Voucher. IT Show 09 was selling $1150 + 400 NTUC/Taka Voucher. Jan-09, some reported buying at $1160 + 600 NTUC/Taka vouchers --> http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/showthre...138&page=61 Cannot comment on Samsung.
  7. Old thread on this subject -> http://www.renotalk.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=12119 Can check out this site as well. http://thegadgethome.com/
  8. Joven is using stainless steel tank, according to the sales / service center, it is able to retain hot/warm water for some time. One can turn on the heater on alternate days and still get hot/warm water. Not sure if Ariston have the same thing or not.
  9. I used to have this problem with my previous Daikin air-con i.e water drips from the blower. The problem I had was the drain / gutters inside the blower gets moldy and sticky if you don't clean it regulary, which the 3rd party air-con contractor did not clean it. However, after I switched to Daikin directly for regular maintenance, I don't have the problem anymore because they dismantle, the gutters (and also the internal "roller"), wash them thoroughly and then blow the pipe to clear any blockage. Though it cost more per visit, but the money is well spent.
  10. Has anyone change the sponge in the sofa? I am planning to change mine instead of changing the entire sofa. Any recommendation for the supplier?
  11. It depends how much you paid for it. If it around $2.50 p.s.f, then most likely it only covers installation, no touch up or painting. This should have been agreed before the work starts.
  12. Other cheaper alternatives for your consideration. http://shop.techsvg.com/door-lock.html http://www.elcomgate.com/Products/doorLock.htm There is also a shop on 6th Floor Sim Lim Square selling this lock but I forget the shop name. Once you get up the escalator, you will see it on your right. Also do a search in this forum coz someone did a "group" buy before at a special price.
  13. Your understanding of "gang" is correct. "Gang" refers to how many switches you see on 1 plate/square block. If you see 1 switch on the plate surface, then it is call 1-Gang, 2 switches, 2-Gang and so forth. E.g. 1-Gang --> http://www.mkelectric.co.uk/products/item....mp;rangeid=1030 2-Gang --> http://www.mkelectric.co.uk/products/item....mp;rangeid=1030 3-Gang --> http://www.mkelectric.co.uk/products/item....mp;rangeid=1030 "Way" refers to how many switch(es) that can control one light/point. The most common one is 1-way i.e. 1 switch control 1 light/point. If you have 2 "different" switches (and I am not referring to 2-Gang) to control 1 light/point, then it is call 2-way. Typically, you can have this 2-way switch when you want to control (i.e. on or off) the same light from 2 different places, e.g. a long hallway with switches at both ends of the hallway. 2-way switches are much more expensive and have more connections behind the plate which layman will not easily notice it. Therefore, when you buy a switch, the common question the shop will ask is how many gang and way. There are: 1G1W 1G2W 2G2W 2G2W 3G1W 3G2W and so on. I hope I did not confuse you further.
  14. I changed a few of mine to Legrand big switches (bought from Choo Chiang) last year. If you are changing on your own, for those 1-way switch, they are pretty straight forward. For the 2-way ones, esp. multi-gang, use your digital camera and take a photo for reference, in case you forget. Alternatively, copy them down in a piece of paper. After doing a few, you will get the hang of it.
  15. Last year, I was also searching for Sanus TV bracket. Found a shop on the 3rd Floor Sim Lim Tower (not Sim Lim Sq.) which quoted me $100 for VM200s (up to 32in LCD TV), exclude installation. If I am not wrong, the shop unit number is #03-16 or 17. You may want to check it out.