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  1. Anyone knows where i can buy nice shoe racks?
  2. you can try Angeli Catering. The food is nice and price is very reasonable.
  3. Hi, i would like to rent a chinese collar kinda of suit. May i know which bridal shop is cheap? And what's the price? Or is there any suit rental shops? i just need to rent 1 suit so the bridal shops might charge me high. thanks
  4. How much is Angel Chua charging for a AD makeup session consisting of 1 trial, 1 day and 1 night makeup? Does it include doing up the hair? My friend is looking for one. Her AD is the mid of dec 08.Still have ard 3 mths to go. Do you tink its rather early to look for one now?
  5. Hi, I need a photographer on Fri, 19th Dec 08 These all my requirements. 1. photo-journalism style 2. photo album consists of black and white photos concept (at least 30) 3. all soft copies returned 4. 1 photographer needed for the actual day (morning & night) Pls mail me at thomashong76@yahoo.com
  6. thanks for the advise. Yeah only 4 mth to go..hehe . anyway i dont intend to have a photo album on my actual day. The photos are more meant for our own memory sake. So time is not very crucial here i think.. for the tea ceremony, I just need to prepare a tea-set only rite? Since both sides of parents are not very particular abt the nitty gritty things of tradition wedding. i will just try to simplify as much as possible. below are a summaries of the activites on the AD: 1. Go with brothers to gate crash n pick bride up. 2. go my parents side for tea ceremony. 3. go to bride's side for tea ceremony. 4. cater for buffet lunch on both sides for the relatives. 5. After mekan, we will proceed to the restaurant to prep for tonite. 6. Welcome guest to my dinner 7. a photo montage to entertaint my guest 8. 1st march-in follow by cake cutting 9. serve 3 courses 10. 2nd march in with yam sung! 11. start serving the 4th dish onwards.. 12. go table to table to take photo. 13. form up and shake hands. 14. good nite.. Am i missing anything important?
  7. Looking at my requirements, what is the estimate price? Any good bridal studio to recommend?
  8. Hi, my wedding is about 4 mths away and nothing has been prepared yet except for the booking of the dinner. My gf has bought herself a wedding gown in shanghai and she just needs to rent a Kua. As for me, i will need to rent 2 jackets only as i will be tailoring my pants and shirts. We do not plan to have a wedding package shoot but maybe a few indoor shots for memory sake and can also hang one in the MBR. I will also need a bridal car and a driver on that day. Based on this requirements, what are the places or bridal studio that provide what i mentioned above? Thanks in adv.
  9. What kind of ILP did you buy from this agent? Cash or CPF? One lump sum single premium or monthly premium. If ur ILP is a lump sum single premium, most probably he has earned the one time comm for this policy. If it is monthly premium, he shld only get some comm depending on how long you have service this policy. Based on ur description, i think he sells u this policy with the intention to earn ur comm and not to ur interest in mind. If i'm you, i will just cancel this policy and suffer the loss if the loss is acceptable. If u cant accept the loss of selling away the policy, u can either continue with this agent and sell away later when the price is right or just opt to transfer to another agent. I would advise u to monitor the price of the funds the ILP is investing in. Since the agent doesn't really care. Think its best that you manage and make ur own decisions. my 2 cents worth
  10. I just removed my fabric cushion cover to wash in the washer aft a yr of use. Do get those sofa with removable covers if possible. I think u can buy some fabric cleaner in the form of aerosol spray. Just spray and wipe with a cloth if im not wrong
  11. Some sellers are just too much. i think 30k COV is already very high. Still got cheek to ask for 50k. I think u shld give up and move on. Surely u can find something similar or better for less COV. Some sellers are just trying their luck with unrealistic cash demand..They think they have the best home in SG? Don't let them get their way
  12. i dont think u will need to keep the plastic cover as an added protection since you already have a mattress protector. Unless you treat your bed as your dining table lor..
  13. The quote is ridiculous... how can someone have the cheek to quote at such a high price. As Mace mentioned, if the deposit is not much, it is better you forgo and move on to other IDs
  14. i dont think its useful to keep the reno permit since there is an expiry date. Nowadays when a reno permit is applied, the information will be kept in their records. You can view them via HDB website.