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  1. Anyone has experience with this shop ? They offer quite good price,but i m not sure about the quality
  2. i was told that u cannot even take back full cash proceeds even if u take bank loan,is it true huh ??
  3. who get $$ ? ? not my neighbour..i mean i have heard of PRC buying flats but nvr stay, they sublet out and return to china and work..gahmen nvr say they must work in sgp after getting flat.
  4. how much is the current bank loan interest ?
  5. i know of prc who buy flat and sublet out ...
  6. i think a lot of people are subletting illegally now ~
  7. thanks for the clarification, in this case i rather take bank loan and keep the CASH proceeds~ HDB loan dont serve any help at all
  8. If i am a 2nd time buyer,downgrading & buying resale, can i take bank loan and keep my CASH proceeds ? ?? I need the cash for other purpose..
  9. application already started :- Units Units Offered Available Malay Chinese Indian & Others Sengkang 2-Room 140 140 31 117 14 Sengkang 3-Room 372 337 79 288 37 Sengkang 4-Room 188 147 39 123 17
  10. Heard that the ballot results are out ? anyone got good q number ?
  11. i thot the new policy only for those applying BTO ?
  12. Why is yr PR revoke? i don't think HDB will check..same case as divorcee, the spouse can singley own the flat
  13. I guess these people must be from GRC or Stat Board Looking at the rate..i think the flat will be gone by mid nov..mine queue is in Dec..no hope liao...
  14. my idea flat also sold..my apptment in dec !! think no need to go liao..or shd i go even if all units are sold out ?