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  1. sew diamantes onto it & claim them the cost. bling it up at their expenses. hehe.
  2. erm.. how much was the cost per ft for the white pvc WIW. btw... why use white pvc? by default..carpentery woods are white already ma. find a discreet corner to scrap see if there is another white pvc layer? did he amend the quotation in black & white?. if not.. i am sure the boss will open the cheque as laminate covering+carpentery for the carpenters. while the bugger pockets the diff from the carpenters. alot of verbal agreement after work starts is where they juice up themselves secretly.
  3. that not pang tang la. should say 'gui mao' ba.haha. besides.. in criminology. house outlook should be less attractive then the house beside you. cos if bugglar wanna choose a target. they'll usually go for the flashier units. use it first lo. now ok ma. save the time do other things first. if not nothing 'new' to play when you one shot do everything liao. maybe use decals first lo. keke.
  4. wooo. grats on new blog. i like the one with the green 8. HUAT AH! but must be white background? black with the correct green quite chio too wor. hmm..ideas flowing liao...if black & white = 8 ball!!!! hohoho. eh...Red door cannot use la. "Hong men" leh.. aka last time secret society when mata wear shorts.
  5. wah..New! started reno liao? am sure it will be very very nice with the artistic flair you command. hehe. the tiles are very very unique. sure will be very nice under yeak's master tiler hands. so envy.. my tiling so-so only. due to parents/aunties/in-laws opinions etc etc. haiz. very ah-pek. Anyway read you getting a pooltable? i just got mine from pwe. got a pretty good deal. check your pm for reference. and if need me to intro them, lemme know k. their new office very near my shop only. maybe that's why they gave me a better deal? keke.
  6. just to add some thoughts; 5) newly installed door/gate with NO unit number. 6) interview the owners and drop the hints using how the buyers of your current unit are offering to change your IC for you which made you understand you should do it for them too.. once they catch the ball, offer to endorse their cost of change. this will give you the chance to get their new address too. 7) Maintain eye-contact with owners, if they are trying to hide something. you can feel it. be it ah-long debts,crack walls behind the cabinets or supernatural history of the unit etc. the eyes never lies. 8) appear more mafia then the ah-longs,talking over the phone whispering like trying to hide you just hacked someone last nite from him & is still high for more. or bring a frd with lotsa tattoos. haha. if unhonest owners see that. they more worried you come after too besides the ah-longs cos by then it's personal. hahaha. actually heard nowdays ah-longs got new stunt liao. paint will prompt more actions from law enforcers + give owners a chance to install cctv to catch their runners. they starting to use watercolor liao. one mineral bottle+1 stick of color. even if get spot-check, nothing incriminating & owners/neigbours will still get the splashing msg.
  7. Thats absurb, can you show 1000 examples of such divine FS powers at work? if not, please dont go around making such claims as it will send TS & others into distress. agreed. nothing is 100% confirmed in FS. always remain as a skeptical-beliver & never be OVERLY superstitious. or we'll be starting on with the wrong foot for FS & end up doing more harm then good to our well-being.
  8. actually 1k sounds cheap for the door frame/door and labour/material involved. frame and door should be around 600 already i think? with the 'arch' they prolly can't 'add-on' to the exsiting wall thus gotta hack and erect a new one. actually his quote sounds reasonable and can see the need in paying for it. but of course there might be others cheaper then him out there.
  9. Nice! everything very sleek.your unit's floorplan must be very good i bet. hss back to back with the kitchen?so nice, hardly anyway wasted space. that whole feature wall musta cost alot. which area is your unit? layout kinda looks like my frd's EA unit in taman jurong area.
  10. i think it depends which light you will be switching on for daily usage, just choose the what you prefer for it. if no preference. downlight in warm would be nicer i guess. but i did my downlights with white as i prefer whiter light & i'll be using downlight as my primary light more.. now i dont even on my covelight anymore unless during mahjong session when i need light from "above",cove actually quite a waste, spent about 500+ for all the wiring & holder etc.. but covelight still have use actually. haha. as playing mahjong under downlight too long quite hot actually. btw, if you intend to do covelighting. make sure your ceiling is flat/plastered or false ceiling well painted. if not when you on the covelight will see all the uneveness. and after the celing guys are done. take a vacumm and clean up the cove's before the electrician install all the lights.
  11. better discuss with neigbours first if you wanna put. cos some ppl might feel offended. hehe.
  12. wah, you raised the flooring for all your room? it's those whole piece of 8 ft laminate we used on carpentary right? cos can't see joint lines like wood laminate flooring. very unique. And the view, hohoho. very very nice.
  13. wah.. $38. ask him if he means the limited edition gold plated(if it does exist). haha. anyway, $200 should be more then enough for a whole house using the default color switches. right down to telephone outlet switch too! heater switches are the most expensive, btw, legard doesnt have Starhub cable outlet switch i think. I brought my mallia series from Choochiang too. tohguan branch. find millia sounds & feels better then clipsals,cheaper too. hehe supposely around choochiang has shops selling wallpaper & baroque style furnitures too. can go see see too. after buying go IMM walk walk too. west side happening area leh. haha. btw, after the whole house is done,before last payment. do voice out anything which you might be overcharged with. dont let those 'IDs' think we onwers easy to rip!! Be it bi-fold doors,$130-$180. veneer doors(hollow),door knobs. $230-$280. now quietly stick to whatever you signed first & do some research on RT. can prolly minimized some damage from this $_$ id.
  14. Hmm..i aint no property guru but at that price. quite a good 'investment' i guess. so much cheaper then open market + can apply hdb conc loan. but too pricey for me already & EM usually cost around 50k for something simple if overhual. kinda not prepared for the amount of cash involved so pass on it. you enquire the JW unit yet? sounds like good deal too. can just view since you yet commit to anything.
  15. if you are ok with the design & color, then keep it as if it really pop up, you still can complain hdb and get it fixed free?. keeping it will prolly save you like 4k or so too. but if you or your partner find the design/color not to your liking. then consider overlaying it or after you move in then regret not doing it. too late liao. only concern is most ppl says that overlay tiles are more prone to getting tiles 'popping'. i overlay all my hdb tiles anyway. was given peachy color. dunno why can't they just give us white. btw, if new cluster of flat that was just completed. i belive if you find any defects. you can approach town council to 'rectify' it. their contractor will come and fix the area concerned & if they deem the area involved is big. think you can actually arrange with him to hack away all the tile then buy your own tiles & retile back @ subsidised rate since TC paying labour? but think need alot of 'hollow' tiles involved for them to legally hack new flat for you. not very sure, maybe others know better, i remember reading it somewhere here vaguely only.