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  1. Share some of my house pictures. Images are big, please be patient...... reserved for updates......
  2. easy a! ID dress above average without steal tapeline, contractor dress below average with steal tapeline. hehe contractors' workmanship is better than ID. ID's flatter skills is better than contractor contractor no design, but whatever design you pass to him they can do. actually do not engage one ID who can only draw 3D from PC but also need to draw the diagram manually. a good trained ID should be able to draw manually, because it is a part of their professional training. an ID who cannot draw diagram manually, which means he/her 半路出家 same as the top fashion designer, they only draw in 2D, then their assistant convert the 2D to 3D, i meet 1 senior ID from one branded company, he only draw 3D by pencil, then ask his assistant convert it into digital format, this is what I call professional~~~~ see some people in this forum complain that the ID only provide 3D hand drawing but no 3D PC drawing then feel the ID or the company is not professional and turn to other company. i feel that they just missed one good ID, maybe due to budget reason, the company cannot afford an assistant to convert 2D into 3D. but to me a so call ID if can only drag and drop model inside the software, change the size, surface texture, light effects and colors, he/she is nothing difference as an assistant, just read the magazine borrow idea from others an assistant level people with PC skills can call him/her self an ID liao~