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  1. Hey there, I'm sorry if someone asked this q before. I can't seem to find the post. Anyways, I would like to mount my tv on my MBR wall. I need recommendation for someone who can do this. Appreciate any help!
  2. the contractor use a casing to cover the pipe. This is the same contractor who installed the aircon in the first place. Once inside the bathroom, i think the pipe is just exposed (i can't recall cos right now the pipe is left bare, probably removed by the contractor who's currently renovating my mbr toilet). Maybe once the pipes are all done I can take a pic and show u (in a day or 2)
  3. Wah! Sounds like I saved quite a bit I'm happy with the progress of my reno so far. My mbr toilet is almost done and I'm happy with the workmanship. Right now the contractor is working on the wall
  4. mine goes to the bathroom.
  5. Really? Am so glad to hear that It's my first time doing reno so I'm clueless abt all these costings. I was advised that it cost $1k (or slightly less) to erect the wall. I just get paranoid when contractor asked me to 'top up'. I shudder whenever i hear those words Appreciate all the advice!! Rolexboy...*speechless*
  6. That's true. My contractor removed the casing for the aircon pipe cos he is replacing the tile. I'll just have to make sure he fixed the casing back. Also, I'm getting him to install the water heater. Hopefully it includes proper casing.
  7. hi, can i check what's the wiring for? The water heater?
  8. thanks for the advice Unfortunately I agreed to the additional cost. Had to start work to the room asap. The consolation thing is I managed to cut down the price to $350.
  9. Very nice! Good idea to store things. Can u pm me your contractor's contact? Also, how much did u spend? tks!
  10. hey, The previous owner knocked down the wall of the study room (to turn it into a dining room). Instead he build this arch using concrete. I had recently engaged a contractor to erect a wall cos I would like to use it as a bedroom. He quoted 1k (including door frame and door). Now that the contractor has seen the arch, he said I must top up cos it's made of concrete. Basically i've to pay additional $180 to hack (and clear debris) the arch and the pillars on both sides and another $250 to use chemical compound to seal the crack area. Is this reasonable? I'm really on a tight budget and obviously not happy to pay another $430 U can view the pic of the arch from the link below: http://www.flickr.com/photos/39371053@N07/.../in/dateposted/
  11. I don't think it's the cheapest but it's within my budget I didn't have time to source for a lot of quotes and I need to get the job done soon so I just source for contacts from the helpful ppl in RT. Basically the job includes the following: - hacking and relay new floor and wall tiles - replace toilet bowl and sink - install two-way tap and accessories - replace piping - install tampered glass shower screen - install water heater - replace door with bi-fold door Do take note that the 7.5k includes all accessories. Don't expect designer taps and accessories lah I've just started reno on my masterbed room toilet 2 days ago. Think it'll probably take 1 week or so to complete one toilet (I'm doing one toilet at a time as I'm already staying in the house)
  12. I meant who do I call to get the TV connection in the common room. Is it Starhub? Currently I can only watch TV in the living room and masterbed room. Sorry if I wasn't clear earlier
  13. Hi, Do u know who I can call if I want to install a TV point in my common room (so that my parents don't have to use the old school tv with antenna )? Also, it'll be great if u can advise estimate installation cost. Thanks