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  1. Currently, my house after painting left 1/4 of the paint from those big bucket. Does anyone know where to purchase those small empty can so that i could pour it over and keep them? Pls advise
  2. Currently my MBR bed is facing the door.... and i get to know from alot ppl that only dead ppl sleep with leg pointing to the door or perhaps coffin facing to the door. I'm unable to adjust my bed direction at all as there is my TV features wall as well as built in wardrobe. Therefore, could anyone please advise me what should i do??? Pls advise. thks
  3. Could anyone please tell me the shine of the marble tiles... For currently, my hse had completed the polishing of my marbles.. therefore in order to maintain the shine of the marbles tiles, could anyone please advise or pehaps is there any cleaning solution to maintin that?
  4. Just curious whether for those bros here who had install their aircon, usually you all did the installation before polishing the floor or ????? Pls advise thks
  5. I'm going to get a door bell but those door bell i seen in the shop cannot try... therefore was wondering whether is there any shop out there whereby we could try out and hear the tone of the door bell. Please advise. Thanks.
  6. U could contact JAson from KSL resources 8198 5959 Just tell him u got your contacts from a lady called "christina" who is doing renovation in toh guan area.
  7. Just curious whether had any bros here engage sub contractor for painting your whole house instead of using the contractor which had quoted to you in the whole renovation package. If yes, normally when then the sub contractor painter come into the picture. Is it upon the whole house renovation completed or before the kitchen cabinet or wardrobe is install or ??? For my main contractor had asked me to ask my painter to go ahead and paint my whole house although there is still some sand leftover since there is going to be some small hacking of the floor as i wan them to change the tiles at a certain area. Is it true that the main contractor had to tidy up everything such as cleaning the whole house before the painter come into the pic and then the carpenter come? Please advise. Thanks...
  8. Just curious for those bros or sis that had purchase the light switches from them.... may i know which place the price is cheaper? Anyone got make any comparison btw them. Does both shop also selling the same brand/model of the switches? Pls advise. Thks
  9. I realised that above all the water heater or storage heater... from the cable/wire out from the heater it would go to a box. Could anyone help me whats the purpose of this box. Thanks. Secondly, for those bros or sister that had asked their electrican to pull a SCV point to their MBR or other room, is there any drop in the quality of the display when you watch the TV channel??? Is there anyway to check whether the SCV signal is it strong when it was pulled to the room/master bedroom since our house is undergoing renovation. please advise. thanks
  10. Currently, i'm facing a problem need some urgent help from bros here... currently, i get to know that my false ceiling is install already but the main problem is the re-wiring is not yet complete... Does anyone encounter this before??? if yes... any quick solution??? pls advise. Thanks.
  11. just curious whether had any bros here ever cut their own house false ceiling? if yes how u guys cut to make it look nicely??? for my contractor accidentally cover up my wiring when they up the false ceiling. pls advise. thks
  12. Sorry just curious whether does the cooker hob & hoods require any power point or does we need to ask our electrician to pull the wiresbefore the kitchen cabinet is installed? Please advise. Thanks.
  13. Just wanna check from bros here... currently my house is undergoing renovation and Im doing false ceiling for my living room and MBR. If I am engaging electrican to install my ceiling light, downlight, cove light and also ceiling fan, does they need to come back twice??? Why am i saying is that is becos since now the false ceiling is not yet install on the ceiling, but i believe the electrican need to pull/lay the wire cable first to the specific location and once the false ceiling is up, he would need to come back and install the lighting and fan. By the way, if I got downlight, who would be the one cutting the holes on the false ceiling for the downlight? Please advise Am I right to say that? Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  14. Yup..it is behind IMM there.... some of the flat even shoot up to $500K and above...