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  1. Hello RenoTalk readers, I am looking to get a stainless steel standalone kitchen worktable to provide more table space for kitchen items like drinking glasses, water jug, rice cooker, and can also double-up for hving small meals. Been searching all over for some time alrdy but cannot find one. Custom-made worktable preferred. Anyone know where to get it? Thank you Querty
  2. Hello There are quite a lot of stubborn stains on my homogeneous floor tiles. Even after many times of chemical washing, my ID said that they cannot be removed. My ID also used other cleaning agents to wash away. Cif, solvents, acid etc.. All of them also cannot wash away the stain. Wonder what my ID is true or not. Coz since the tiler are professionals, y cannot they remove it? R they truly professional & skillful? btw, my homogeneous tiles are matt tiles with uneven surface on each tile. In the beginning, after these tiles were newly laid, i clearly remembered seeing the floor tiles free of all these stubborn stains. But now, my ID said that they are inherent in the design so meaning that i would have to accept it. I find this very hard to believe. Can anyone pls advise me what to do here?? Insist that the tiler find out ways to remove the stains, at whatever their cost? Any really good tile cleaning agent to use on very very stubborn stains? thank you v much.
  3. Hello For cleaning of fridges that fits in the kitchen cabinet, to make it easier to clean the fridge, is there some sort of a slide-out system so that can pull out the fridge out of the kitchen cabinet, like a drawer? If have, when can i buy one? Thank you.
  4. Hello... My home reno is finishing soon. After checking on the pipes, i noticed debris in the kitchen, svce yard & bathroom pipes (especially inside the pipes) left behind by the renovator's workers. Is the contractor responsible to make sure that the workers do not wash away the debris (waste cement, sand, broken tiles, nails, screws, bolts & nuts etc) down the pipes? If not cleared, this can damage to the pipes and cause choking in future. So do i instruct the contractor to clear away the debris or i have to find myself a plumber to clear the pipes? Any advice from anyone here pls?? Tk U.
  5. Greetings, Has anyone ever refurbished their wooden furniture at Tong Mern Sern Antiques at Craig Rd? Was walking past one day and encountered this shop. Saw them doing some refurbishing of furniture at the shop when walked past. Can share ur experiences please? Thank you
  6. Hihihihi Which paint is better? ICI Dulux or Nippon Paint? thk you Querty
  7. i think it depends on what will the contractor do with the exposed gas pipes. but if contractor can do a good job, i think hving a gas water heater is a lot better than hving n electric water heater. for me, i will b choosing CityGas water heater. so can only wait n see how will the pipes be covered. So can only know the results in abt 1 mth time. if yours is a hdb flat, it's best to place it in the svce yard, coz of better ventillation. Good to place it at eye level also, for easier access.
  8. Hihi, Me and my ID will b shopping for lightings for my new home soon. Saw some lightings which i really like recently. The price they offer is also very good. Heard from someone that when buying lighting on my own, can get a much better (a.k.a at a very discounted) price than when buying together with my ID. Is this true or not? Anyone pls share ur views n experiences? Thk u v much.
  9. Hello When asking for quotation from a mover, they require some details from us before they can give a quotation. Can anyone advice me on what kind of details to provide pls? Besides the usual info like: address, types & number of furniture to move. Thing is, before i can complete packing all the items in my old home in prep for moving, how m i able to know exactly how many boxes to move over? Thank you very much!
  10. Thanks very much! Anyway, was the quotation reasonable? Is the overall service good? Finding out about this mover. Does anyone have any good/not-so-good experience with this mover as well?
  11. Hihi Can anyone recommend or have any experience with any mover who has expertise in moving vintage/antique furniture please? Coz for those movers that i see so far, many of them don't seem to have any real experience in moving vintage/antique furniture. Handling these kind of furniture requires special care and protection. If they r damaged while moving, no amount of sincere apologies or money can compensate for the loss. Also, i observed that a no. of their workers are either inexperienced or teenagers. Not any ordinary kind of mover will do here. Thank you very much.
  12. The heater has to be in the open. Meaning, it can either be in the kitchen or in the svce balcony. HDB regulations don't allow the gas heater to be enclosed, due to poor ventilation & thus safety reasons.
  13. Product comparison-wise, Gas Water Heater looks much a lot better as compared to Electric Water Heater. There's risk of electric shock while bathing, increased mthly utility bills, power failure while using the heater etc. I think it comes down to these 2 main points of consideration - Cost-Savings or Aesthetics? Pay less bills and look less aesthetically pleasing? or Look more aesthetically pleasing but pay more bills?? I think i'll go for the savings in utility bills. More practical to save $$ in this case. Or maybe anyone has any personal experiences to share pls? Thx.
  14. I also thought of polishing the marble top but after thinking carefully, decided not to coz this is to bring out the antique characteristic of the kopitiam set. So i wldn't recommend it. Unless the marble is in a very very bad shape, then a good polish helps. Just repairing & refurbishing the wooden frame will do. For me, thinking of using some kind of natural matt wood polish that brings out the true colour & grain of the wood.