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  1. Hi June! Thanks! That's wallpaper from Taobao
  2. Been really really busy with my work that I have no time to update what's been done to my place. Do look out for April's issue of Squarerooms magazine. My place is on the cover! And sorry to those who PM me, I will try my best to pass the info to u asap!
  3. Wa u also siao golf? My Ang also. Hehe. Paiseh ah, mine is a queen lei. Am thinking of upgrading to king too!
  4. May sis, my whole house empty liao, left my bed nia, u want? Haha.. My own reno was delay till now. I realised designing for others is so easy. But when it comes to my own, im so lost! Yes yes, i def agree with u. My parquet got so many dents i think i need to redo whole floor liao. See u in Jan then!
  5. Everyday i walk to my ex-pool room, i will think of u! Missed the table so much But im glad it went to u cos i believe u will take great care of it! Invite us over soon babe!
  6. I do have 5pcs left but am using them for my own reno! Haha! Thanks for liking. You can go to facebook NEW NYEW DESIGN I have uploaded some of my projects there. As for the wall, i am currently quite busy but I can always offer tips as to how to do it yourself. Perhaps it will be a good weekend project for u n ur spouse! The gold tapes still look as good as new. No peeling. But if someone itchy finger sure got prob. Hehe.
  7. Hi star70! You can get the gold mosaics from Unlimited enterprises at Defu Lane. They are selling it at about $60 per pc of 25cm x 25cm As for the gold tapes, you can get it from any Popular bookstores
  8. Hi all, Am selling my pool table for only $500. 7feet table. Comes with 3cues. Great condition. Less than 3yrs old, very under-utilised! Selling because im redoing my floor and needs to clear all big items. To view, contact me at 9858 9869 Thanks!
  9. Hi babe! Long time no 'talk'! Took me awhile to read thru your pages haha.. Congrats on your Dwell mag although i couldnt read the small writings. Do they have the online version? Our meetup is way overdue! And chill, i guess your reno's too beautiful so the curiousity la.
  10. Hi Denimart Glad to see you are getting Morgan to do up your timber flooring. You are in great hands! All my projects done by him had no complains from my owners at all. Infact, i will be getting him to do up some special timber features for my showroom soon!
  11. Dear all, i am going to redo my whole house again so i am hoping to sell away my 4 Panton chairs and oval dining table from mondi. Do help me spread the word if u think anyone will be interested. Thanks all! For sale
  12. Thanks for your kind words Sis! Thanks Waniekilei, its an old reno liao
  13. Yo bro! So happy to see ur reno finishing soon! Cant wait to see it all done up And that spider! Love love love!
  14. Be positive man! It definitely will!