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  1. Very very dishonest. How to trust the contractor if he lie from the beginning??
  2. No kidding! Gosh so dishonest... Next time u see a flyer with my home pic can scan and share here? Also found out that ppl have been copying (or tried to anyway) my TV console design n fan circle thingy with varying degrees of success... Ok lah anyway the fan design is by my IDs so poor them. Good thing is that both are not that easy to execute. Not sure how many also try to do the "white house" concept. I should feel honoured I guess... My advise is really to get the Grafunkt console if you like mine. At least the build quality will be good. And I'm sure it's easy to add legs to the console so that it's higher.
  3. Aiyo, we are all just fellow hdb dwellers lah. No need to feel honoured. Was just sharing some thoughts cos after staying in my place for a few years and adding some family members along the way I would renovate my place differently now. Lotsa storage would be good... Enjoy the process! Both hubby and I kinda missed the shopping and stuff when the reno was over.
  4. Heard of a contractor that has been showing my home pics and claiming to have done up my place. My IDs are still In business but as far as I know MY CONTRACTOR NO LONGER DOES HOME RENO PROJECTS (he does commercial projects now). So any contractor who says he did my place is probably lying. I haven't been active for a while on RT but I wanted folks to know that there are some con man going around...
  5. Hi and congrats on your new place. Just a few thoughts for your consideration after staying a few years in a maisonette... 1. WC 3 is really really tiny. Even if you extend it (by max 60 cm only right?), I think the extension cannot be the wet area. 2. You mentioned kids. So maybe it makes sense to retain separate wc upstairs so that next time the kids have their own wc? 3. You may want to create a storeroom since the one under the stairs is woefully small. 4. Would be good to have a yard for mops, pails and stuff... Maybe whatever is retained of the balcony near the chute? 5. The dining area is really small... If you plan to use it as the living room, you may want to realign the stairs direction on the first floor (to go upwards from the kitchen direction instead of from the current dining room direction) Just my kaypoh two cents. Good luck with your Reno!
  6. If the lights and fans are well installed/positioned, they shouldn't cast shadows. I assume that you are referring to flickering shadows? Have a look a this post: http://emrenoblog.wordpress.com/2012/02/02/preventing-strobing-effect-from-ceiling-fans/
  7. Hello to all new EM owners. Enjoy the reno experience and your new place when you finally move in. Btw, if anyone is looking for a roller shutter contractor, pls do not use Paul Aluminium. Had some problems with my shutters and they were an absolute pain to deal with. In the end we were lucky to find Ocean Newline Industries. [http://www.oceannewline.com.sg] I'm not affiliated to Ocean Newline, just thought to share a good vendor.
  8. Your point being? You are not even comparing the same floor area and I'm VERY sure you cannot get them at the same price. Cos I know that an EC in a remote housing estate costs about the same as my EM in a central area, with a much smaller floor area of course. An AMK or Bishan EC costs way more. People will continue to buy EMs and EAs for the same reason that they always have - more space for their $. Whether it's because of 3 gen living or just to enjoy the space, different families will always have different priorities and needs.
  9. Try the Modular sets. Even better interiors. http://brickset.com/sets/theme-Advanced-Models/subtheme-Modular-Buildings
  10. Congrats on your TB place! Love the estate and it's yummy food. Couldn't imagine having only one toilet tho else we could be neighbours. Vote for any fixture that can use LED bulbs to avoid frequent bulb change, but option 1 looks good. Have you tried Lightcraft?
  11. Is EA cheaper? Guess it really boils down to personal pref. I paid more than $40k for COV and had to gut the entire place... But I need 3 toilets... Stairs is another factor - needs a bit of getting used to and not sure if I wanna climb stairs when I am an old lady. Not to mention location... It's all very much personal pref IMO.
  12. My unit is one of the most windy apartments my contractor/IDs/relatives/friends have encountered, but can still be uncomfortably warm in "summer" months when there is no wind. Had a few recent house parties and I actually sort of regret not installing AC in the kitchen too. You can't quite install ac easily post reno so do seriously consider having AC installed. It's those times when you need AC that you'll seriously miss not having one I think.
  13. AC downstairs is important leh. Like when there is haze... Plus hot days of course.
  14. Ok so far, & no problems. FYI they are using Becker Motor mechanism.
  15. Try contacting kooky to ask how she got hers approved? http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/58892-ks-home/page-4 Pls let us know how it turns out and good luck!