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  1. Oh ya I forgot to put the price for the sofa set. All for S$300. Super cheap, because I just check in a rattan shop, a three seater sofa is usually S$900. This one S$300 for not only 3 seater sofas, but also with 2 more armchairs, 2 side tables and 1 coffee table. Whoever buy the sofa set can take the shell painting for free. The lighting is free for everyone who are interested. All self collect.
  2. Also this oldies style ceiling light are left in the flat. We couldn't just throw them out, so we kept it for whoever likes it. They are still in working condition.
  3. The previous owner of the flat also left this set of Chinese pearl painting. Initially want to convert this into medicine cabinet, with these set of paintings as the doors. But..... we run out of wall space So... maybe there are any vintage lover who loves this as well?
  4. Hi, the previous owner of my old flat left a set of vintage rattan sofa. It is no longer made in this style now, and the rattan is quite big and sturdy. Initially we want to keep them, but since we need more space for our growing family, we need to let them go. Hopefully they can meet another vintage lover who can appreciate its history and style. These are not in perfect condition (it is around 20-30 years old), but still very strong. The rattan are already re-stained, but the cushions are original (with a set of spare slip cover). Total there are one three seater sofa, 2 armchairs, 2 side table, and 1 coffee table
  5. Hi, sorry, been busy with a lot of things, rarely check my t-blog. Yes, polishing does remove a lot of uneven color, big big different from before to after polishing. Before, it look more black than white..... (my terrazo is white with black speckles). But the polishing can't reach until tiny corner or the rounded part of skirting. So these part are still a bit yellowish, but not so obvious. Also big different in shine, after polishing, really shiny.
  6. Oh those bottle lights you can buy from like lights, can check their facebook. I got the option 1 from Citilight at Jalan besar.
  7. Not yet..... sigh.... their production haven't finished yet I guess. Well this is the risk of ordering from a start up company. But I am really curious about this product....
  8. Uhmm no that is led from megaman. Like lights will only have stock by end of Nov. So for the time being we will use this.
  9. That is very true! Fortunately auntie didn't sand the parquet often, so it is still quite thick. I guess we are lucky. I am sorry it didn't work well on your parquet.
  10. Hi! I didn't contact the parquet contractor directly, our main contractor did, so I can only give you main contractor contacts if you want.
  11. They have installed the cabinet door today open with one pocket door closed
  12. Today the carpenters are installing the cabinet Here is living room: s
  13. I cleaned up the brick wall by hand tools on weekend. It was quite tedious, makes me feel like an archaeologist I still want to clean up further, but very tired...