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  1. Hi, Anyone hear before Simon lightings from barcelona?? Any users? Thank you.
  2. I installed gas heater over storage heater as it is unlimited of hot water supply. As you know storage heater come with limited capacity and in HDB, u wont want to install a huge tank in your bathroom. So whenever my family members want to take shower, we have to permanently on the storage heater to ensure enough hot water supply. Electricity tariff is higher, so is my bill. After changing to gas heater, the bill reduce as gas tariff is lower than electricity. the best part is you can permanently on the gas heater as it is a on demand product. you pay for what you use.
  3. Hi Rickzan, which blk are you refering? i just move in this year on April after my reno. i bought this flat directly from HDB which is vacant for 1 and a half year or more. heard history is a couple divorce and repossess back by HDB. Before my balloting execrise, there is a buyer had paid a deposit but give up after FS master say the FS not gd for him. My point of view is it is kinda of investment now and hope improvements will come as years come by. Anyway, the new blocks are coming up next 2 years or less. My buddy fren bought one of them so i have company. just my 2 cents view.
  4. Hi Kenage75, Which block is that? Really gd view but primary schooling for kids seem quite difficult.
  5. Just got my system 3 with BestTech. Installation completed on 29th march So far so good.
  6. Keep this thread going. Still considering whether MHI or Toshiba? Any recommendation?
  7. My Payment term was 10% upon confirmation, 40% upon commencement of works, 40% upon fabrication works, 10% upon completion. But i negotiate with my contractor. 10% upon confirmation, 45% upon commencement of works, 20% upon fabrication works, 15% upon delivery of fabrication works, 10% upon completion after two weeks.
  8. Hi Zhiz, Thanks for your email. Very useful tips. I am meeting my contractor. i will take note the important areas. Once again, thank you very much.
  9. hi all, Any kind soul can advise me on the cost range to reno whole area of EM? just a estimation guide. move in condition. without furniture.
  10. it is time for your action. from my experience, they are trying their luck not to call you as they dont know what to tell you. so they act blur and if you din call them, they will be happier because can buy time. trust me. when you call them, they will give me a lot of craps in order to fool you. chasing the logistic side but no reply yet. will contact you again. talk to management. DHL in the goods. on the way now. need few more days or maybe next week can deliver to you.. all sort of craps. Must show them who is the boss.
  11. Ya loh. that time i very naught lah. so not many frens. But was very surprised when you say you gradute the same year as me. Thank you so much. you should tell this to her directly. then she will be very hao lian in front of me. your hubby got potential. sales is not one day skill. need to be trained. can ask him to change job. hehehehe
  12. Thanks for your invitation. Your house is very warmly and cozy. The design is great. can steal some ideas for my new house. Your samsung lock is cool sia. especially your hubby demo it. he can be a great sales guy. very tempted to buy one.