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  1. Hello, felixp I got my tile from LSH and I like the customer service there too...they do help with color selection and matching...went there several times to settle my selections. I didn't like SL's service. here's wishing you a smooth reno journey!
  2. Eh bro, he did try to load ytd la...but RT down...today sure have at least ONE pic coffee o, choice #3 is a better option IMHO
  3. Ben, now he blame me lor...he says 我害他!
  4. yah lor...in fact hor, i talk to him almost everyday and he still say i bad he always 反反复复hor...
  5. Ben, he bad hor...still dare blame me. He actually told me he wana take last week de...this week alrdy thursday and he still has the cheek to say have not taken the pics...
  6. haha...all the different heads came out liao...not my fault dun be lazy...going home soon liao right? go take pictures!!!
  7. bro, i never sabo you...im just SHARING your joy mah...22 pages liao leh...reno have not even started...keke
  8. always like that...say wana take picture and nv take...time to hang pig's head liao! if this sat u collect ur keys better take more pre-reno pics!!!
  9. Yes BD kor, but am not looking forward lor. Just wana share cos I was softhearted and gave him de balance payment and he didn't really settle my things nicely...disappointed!
  10. Jesslyn, hope he keeps his promise...and REMEMBER>>>ask him to finish off all retifications b4 u made your last bit of payment...else will be like me, till now still have rectifiations not attended to! This can be really frustrating!
  11. Ivy, he told me he sleepy...then he says day time sleep too much...see lah! 3 days off for him still dare tell people he sleepy! *bash u*
  12. eh Ben gua zi us golden type or those black type? also got difference de leh
  13. haha...how come I am also in the picture? hehe... BD kor, dun spam MM's blog leh... anyways, Ivy's not short...but petite
  14. MM, no one will laugh at ur quality of photos...we will only suan BD