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  1. Posting on behalf of my wife. Check out the home business my wife is running. website: http://www.wedarina.com She offer a range of Qun Kua and Mama's cheongsam/qipao for both rental, sales or even tailor-made.
  2. no leh...that was back-dated quite a while ago... Cause he suppose to come, but he didn't come..My gate still using the digit lock nia... hahaha. He suppose to come and change the lock + misc stuffs.. lols.
  3. Bro, carpentry stage now har? I also need to chase him soon also.. I got some "leftover" for him to finish up.
  4. My apology. Bee Leng. I didn't documented down the code....
  5. only my mil and wife shifted in... I will shift in later. lol....busy with work lor...went for ATEC 2 briefing and tell us 3 weeks in-camp and no weekend book out... terrible. lols. p.s.: Oh ya..guys. Remember to write down the code of your laminate and brand for your own reference. Doors are fabricated in the factory. But, the side of the board like such...the laminate will be paste over in your house. remember also to check if got chips a not after they paste...cause some carpenter will just usw white and black marker to do the "magic" when there is chips.
  6. u guys talking abt Geylang or Joo chiat.. lols
  7. Aiyo....must be feeling kinda of sad right. I will call him when I am free to help u chase chase also.
  8. Natural grey is a must for all of us going through renovation. haha. Aiya...dye gold la...tiger year must roar a bit. Bro, must chase liao.. Donno Dsman reno progress how hor...
  9. Wah...we got the same layout, same terrible condition before reno......and we are quite near I think....we are all facing Yishun Park. heehee.
  10. if u don't buy...he is going to pump kopi into your oil tank.
  11. hahaha... If a guy of my age call rainbowguy, "ge ge" sound so gay! (*If I call him ge ge, chance is that he might be choking on his saliva!*) So I better call him, bro! while call u mei mei.. lol. Well..is sad to say that..and I always felt that forummers (esp this forum) should not anyhow comments without facts. If one were to define gohs as bad... then I think Marine Parade is doom... is under Mr Goh isn't it. lols..then....we have to link to ancestor root.....is it fair? One should be objective...that my pt of view. However, forums considers of all kinda of personalities. But, luckily, we can choose to filter. p.s.: Till today, when I call Jason (*despite he has finish my reno and left some stuffs I need him to do + I have already pay him full*) He still pick up my phone and return my call.
  12. Doubling up as a venue for opening classes for pole dancing to earn some pocket money at the same time.
  13. Of course call u mei mei lor... U look young mah...furthermore, even if u are older than me...better to call u mei mei... Woman leh....beri sensitive..lols. Silvermink and Pearl Shell sound interesting... Is it from Nippon or ICI? sound special to me... My house is ok. After few months, false ceiling didn't drop down.. Color of wall didn't fade....things didn't fall apart lols.. I suppose these are good news for u also.. heeehee.. Cause I am a living example now. lols. Very tiring...lot of cleaning and unpacking is not done yet. I prefer to sit on the sofa with my wife and watch TV. lols
  14. Hello blues! I am in Yishun Ring also! heehee. Welcome to renotalk.....post more reno pic leh.