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  1. Hey, may I have the contact for the painter? Need some paint touch up in my house...
  2. same for mine... haiz... any idea how to protect it now? had used cif to clear the rust spots but thinking they will reappear again
  3. For me, I just wish people who are ex-customers are not pulled into this nonsense. Sure, these existing customers are upset but they should also keep in mind those who are ex-customers. Doubt ex-customers feel good to know that someone they intro/used became bad for others' renovation. Step into those shoes too. Getting hurt doesn't give the right to hurt others, intentionally or not. Other than this, I've no problem with any comments from them over Ah Soon matter. Thanks to Seashell who has listened to my reasoning about ex-customers and leave it at there. Thanks to guy77 for stepping up and letting us know that not every of the ex-customers know of Ah Soon's money issue. Again, to all existing customers, hope you guys can settle it fast with good results and move on from here soon.
  4. seashell, as much as i empathize with you all, I also don't want people saying that ex-customers know because like i've mentioned, even if one or some does/do, it won't be everyone. Unless everyone knows the problems and all did not speak up, then there is something going on. I choose to believe not everyone knows the problems that Ah Soon now shows/has. The point again is how he manage the money. I'm not going to speculate how he spends it or he is outright planning to cheat right from the start. Afterall, I'm not him. Good luck with the case and working on it. Till the truth is out, let's not complicate ex-customers in this.
  5. Dear rondy, I've seen lotsa people disappear from RT, that doesn't mean a thing. Most are gone after their renovation is done with. So it is not fair to bring up the fact that they disappear. No one will be in RT all their life...
  6. 1) I didn't say you did blamed them, and my point for both posts were about putting blame on ex-customers which some people did. So, if you don't have a problem, don't quote me on that. Because I never said You did. 2) If you feel that those or that person didn't tell you enough for the financial problems to make a correct information, go ahead and settle it. Otherwise, let's not lump everyone into this issue. I'm sure not every one and single of those who support Ah Soon knew about his financial issues. Either whoever wishes to discuss this, bring it up here or just not write Ex-customers. Stop quoting me on saying that they fail to inform you of their financial problems unless you have proof that every single one of them knew. 3) You yourself brought up the delays passing 3 months and I'm telling you that there had not been promises that it will not be over. Even if ex-customers tell you, why should you believe them fully?! Ultimately, it is your choice... People said the world will end at 2000. Did you sell everything to follow? You made choices yourself. 4) Instead of reading just my posts to you, read what others write before you see why I made my comments that way. Thanks.
  7. that WIW suggested is 1m x 2.5m, really not a lot of space leh...
  8. Why quote a 6mths old post when the problems werent even that bad then?! Wow, you're funny... You know that there will be delays, even up to 3mths back then... so why can't you expect delays over 4 mths NOW when he has more customers and even money issues?! I'm just saying why blame the ex-customers?! Can you pinpoint which RT user knew Ah Soon has money problems back then and didn't tell you?! You made your decision despite those warnings which was never said to be stopping at just there, so accept the facts. Perhaps he doesn't know how to manage so many customers and thus the money issue got out of hand. So who is it to blame?! Ex-customers who told you that he was doing okay back then, apart from those warnings which they also informed?! Did they take a knife and put it on your neck to hire Ah Soon?! Give me a break and listen to yourself. It is as good as saying that people who donate to NKF and RenCi were intentionally feeding those who used the money inappropriately... Or Albert Einstein shouldn't invent nuclear bomb to stop World War II as now there are always nuclear threats...
  9. Inform police, check if it is your unit that owes loanshark as some loanshark now actually go disturbing neighbours so embarrass the person who took the loan... put up a super big Notice outside your door that previous owners are gone...
  10. hi pinkpetter... actually i don't get why people keep bringing up ah soon's ex-customers on and off when there were warnings already... of course as what seashell mentioned elsewhere about money issue, i'm not sure if even RT folks were the ones who knew it or it could very well be his other customers... let's not speculate unless the sub-cons will come out and identify specific customers... don't let it get to you i know your life is busy
  11. They did mentioned the goods and bads, the bads made me decided not to choose him then, so forget about pushing the blame or issue to them... back then, they faced delays but not as bad as now... so they did mentioned what was to be expected but of course no one knows that it will turn worse, probably due to increase in the customers database after more sign him for his lower cost... where are they now? finished reno and possibly moved on, that's what many people here does... i'll be moving on myself once i get a mod to help me with what i pmed them...
  12. recommending and defending their own contractor will get karma when their contractor didn't give them problems?! Then better not come to renotalk because no one should promote the stuff they buy or the people they hired...
  13. Thought he has a company Fu Hua or something?! And FYI, a contractor having a company is worse... it means that the company and him are separate entities and he doesnt even have to go bankrupt if the company burst...
  14. I think the one who is helping Hafary (tiles shop in balestier) is quite good. My tiler told me he is from there but of course I 'hired' him through my ID, so the price and contact, you have to search it out. Sorry.
  15. NCY, if you remember me... haha... anyway, that time when you mentioned, it was based on words, no one had this big a problem back then. So of course, there are many who continued to support him back then. But what was wrong about engaging him was also very much revealed. Those were the very reasons why I didn't choose him to even give me a quote. To everyone here affected, hope you guys can come up with a win-win situation with him soon..