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  1. ya think we should lor.... get a few old friends, meet at your place la...haven't gather at your place ma.. .cook thai food lei...
  2. where did you get it from? I'm thinking of getting a new bed frame too...and yours is perfect coz its on the floor... no need to worry kids jumping up and down....
  3. sky...you never ask me? very fast only about 1yr plus and you changed liao...how much did you get for this? LOL...have to tell you this remember the things you passed to me, till now haven't complete yet....not even have way thru.... (you know i know)
  4. OMG!!! DA GE!!! you pulled my blog from the grave ar???? thought it'll be long gone by now.....
  5. mickey!! could u pass me loydd's contact? do u know if he has a website? and which other house done by him in this blog? Thanks!!!! Angel, bunbun long time no "see".,...
  6. ya will get her to see your blog...probably get a few quotes first....
  7. hers also 5 room...i told her paying 70k for a five room flat is too much...unless everything also designer and who knows what they use GOLD!!! so far i know they are not going to be doing too much things...the usual hacking tiles, kitchen redo,toilet redo, extend room space for wiw...normal right....some more initially quote was 90k lei..... told them about this disney house blog in RT hehehehe....if paying 70k for what u did, i think at least its about there....i'm so gonna show her your blog....your house is really beautiful esp for the carpentry works love the curvy aspect of it...very unique....
  8. mickey!! your house looking great!!! can i ask how much are u looking at spending for the reno? cause my sis was quoted 90k for renovation which i think its too much considering not doing special stuff....and somemore this is a friend who reduce it to 70k plus...
  9. hahaha.....thanks thanks!!! hope your reno will pickup pace after CNY....
  10. kopi bro!!! can pm me website also? Still no pictures to see ar?
  11. Better don't use the wm. What if they say use already can't change. Never trust their words blindly best to be in black and white. Even have to go to store and get written notice. I bought the panasonic c10 also fom best denki. This time round everything write done in black and white right down to tuning done by them and the 3 years warranty consists of what.
  12. good.... That day my kitchen cupboard door hinges came out, the one you saw when at my house. Told yeak, wanted to send his brother to fix for us, in the end ask him pass the spare hinges and my hubby fixed it liao! Just painted my facial room... Looks nicer with the new paint...
  13. Hey! Love your decals! Very nice... Aiya, now hands itchy liao feel like buying more decals for my house... Remember be firm for the paint job... Sometimes paint not dry enough and if you u stick something on top and tear, paint will come out... Mine did..... Got the answer from the shop I bought my paint from... She told me for paint to be totally dry sometimes could take weeks even though on surface it seems dry. I learnt it the hard way when I'm trying to paint the door frame and wall...but the whole house looking good... Hope the paintjob will be resolved soon. Any ppp organized at your place?
  14. very nice house...the MBR toilet is interesting.....