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  1. Omg! My sofa came in a wrong Colour! And all they can say is sorry and it will take 1.5mths for my sofa in the correct Colour to come in! I have a fugly brinjal in my living room now.
  2. My Samsung door lock and new door The storeroom is concealed Here's how it look like when opened. I think I don't have enuff shoes space! Lol
  3. Busy busy! Scheduled to move in by next week and there's a few rectification works to be done Here's my kitchen. Glass backing not up yet. And need to change the location of the power socket near the sink...
  4. I guess they were busy? Since this forum spoke so much about them. E doesn't seem to know about Reno much and takes J's instruction. I Guess he's a more admin person? It's so Long, I don't think he'll remember my case!
  5. I bought it from prestige affairs. You can check out the Facebook here. They have a showroom near Thomson road area https://m.facebook.com/PrestigeAffairs/
  6. Unboxing Taobao loots I love the clock! The second hand was detached from the clock when it arrived. I guess it got dislocated due to the rough handling during shipping. Luckily the backing screwed on could be easily removed and I managed to push the second hand back in The watch display is also very nice and nice to touch! I'm glad I got it in grey The elephant holder which I intend to use it for my wet cutleries after washing. Groupon is selling at 2 for $16.90. I got it at half the price from tb! Is bigger than expected! Finally my spray mop. Didn't take a photo of the mop cuz it's all in parts and I don't intend to fix it up till I shift to the new house. It feels sturdy!
  7. Fabricating the carpentry took almost 2 weeks. A little update from my ID
  8. Was at the Philips carnival sale at expo. The air fryer deal is really good! Dint get cuz I already have the Philips air fryer bought some time back. Bought a electric kettle and a soundbar (on impulse) Soundbar model: HTL6140b
  9. My customised sofa cushion covers! In my fav colour combi
  10. Some the items I've bought from tb Decals, elephant drainer, scandi clock, spray mop, bathroom mat, watch display holder Also bought these from a GB in fb UV bedding vacuum Ecovacs robot vacuum Gotten this dangling light from carousell. Saw the exact same one from tb and since the price diff wasn't that much decided to get locally Anymore "must buy" stuff from tb?
  11. We bought a Sealy bed from Centrepoint metro about a month back. There was a promotion of a free 32" inch Philips tv. Also when u purchased $5000 worth of metro vouchers, there's a 10% discount on the vouchers. We also managed to bargain for an 8" divan instead of the usual 6"? So hubs and I headed to metro over the Deepavali weekend to finalise the delivery date as well as the bedframe. Saw a few cloth bedframe we really liked and was told we needed to top up $200! Sad max. Told the sales lady we burst Budget for the the Reno and bed le and we cannot afford top up. While we were deciding on the not so nice pvc Colour, she came and showed us the cloth designs and Colour chart and said she can give us the cloth bed frame foc! Not too sure why a sudden change in her words but we happy max! This is the bedframe we chose. Hubs didn't like those with depression Only shortlisting grey tones In the end decided on this (middle) cuz the rest of the materials weren't to our liking
  12. flooring all done! Initial choice was this light wood Colour I was abit worried about the grains and knots being too overwhelming as my living and 3 bedrooms will have the same vinyl for a more minimalist look. This Colour was also the initial 3D look given to us. Somehow there was a nagging feeling that I'll get sick of the flooring soon and it don't feel right. ID somehow could sense it and showed me this It's a more neutral Colour, towards white. Whitish flooring Cannot go wrong right? Was worried about stains tho. ID assured me and asked I go for this instead since I was contemplating much for the initial choice. The sight that greeted when on a Saturday! I'm so glad I went for this Colour! The house looks more spacious and indeed minimalist! Hello new flooring!
  13. I really have to show this! In my fav Colour somemore!!
  14. Wow! That's good info for the blur blur consumers like me. I heard vinyl is "poisonous" and one of the ID i consulted said she don't do vinyl cuz of the harmful glue used. She quoted that we sleep in air con with windows closed and for 8hrs we'll be sniffing in all the harmful gas which may cause cancer. Not sure how true but I agree with you if really so harmful sure cannot sell in SG. I quite like Krono and having same concern it will be too raw due to the "eye" design. Evorich seems to be popular among many and have strong branding. Sigh..