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  1. Hi! My house is on the 3rd floor and recently, noticed that once every few days, there is pooling of water at the study room's flooring. We are not sure why and we have checked that it's not due to rainwater seeping in through the windows. The most puzzling is that it's a study room and not a bathroom, and we have checked with the previous owner (we just moved in Jan 2010), there were no such problem previously. We did not do any reno at the area... so not sure why. Anyone has similar problem? Pls share with us. Meanwhile we have feedback to HDB; yet to hear from them yet. =( We have marble flooring; so the water pooling is causing an unsighty water mark. We are also very worried that it could be due to a structural problem. Our EM is abt 12 years old. =(
  2. Helo Tulips, Hehes, thanks. Yah, i think the most spacious places are the toilets... but becos they are rectangular, we couldnt fit in a tub.. but okay lah, save water.
  3. Hi Dextro82, No problem at all.... I remebered ur EM's layout oso sama sama wakiki like mine.... i feel the place is much more airier after i hacked the roof and install the shutter. hehes. u contacted Mr Toh or Beng Shutters liao? How much did they quote u?
  4. Hi Rondy, Hehes. Thanks! I oso love my new (& 1st) house... sibei buay paisey, haha, not that i hao lian... but more so it's my 1st home... no matter wat, will luv it loh... We didnt change toilet windows cos wanna save money mah... if need change then need change 3 toilets loh... we just didnt considered that at all... now that u mentioned, lucky we didnt change too, cos our flat is on the 3rd floor. =) Yah, will update again with pixs of the furniture.
  5. With glass backing at one side of the kitchen; the sink's rather small though.. View of service balcony from kitchen: Kitchen Toilet with accessories all up:
  6. Living Room and Entrance to service balcony: View from service balcony into the kitchen:
  7. Another shot of newly painted railings: Dining Room (originally Study Room) with blinds installed at window... however need to be reinstall again next week after new grilles have been installed. Living Room
  8. 15 Dec 2009: 8th week of Reno - 99% Completed if not for our last minute decision to change the window grilles at lower level. The window grilles were gooddamn dirty, and we just couldnt remove the stains, even with thinner and kerosene oil... Latest Pix Updates: View of Living Room from the front foyer area: View of entrance to "Dining Area" (originally Study Room) & Kitchen from the front foyer areart: Stairway - wrought iron railings painted black
  9. Hi Mickey M, Nopie. It's the doors since day 1 left by the previous owners... We originally wanna have it replaced with rectangular doors, but mr yeak advised not to, fearing hacking may damage the flooring and suggested that we paint it white instead.... and good thing it turned out nice...
  10. Detrox82, This is for you This is familyof4's: Please check my PM to u for more info
  11. Hi Preciousjam, Thanks thanks! I oso like my new place, haha... we oso like the colours (mr Yeak helped us in the selection. ) We have some second-hand furnishing given by my sis... kekes. trying to save money wherever possible. But have been busy and not been updating lah... will update with pixs again once everything's done up nicely. Btw, i feel that the sliding doors of my MBR wardrobe quite difficult to slide (not becos of friction at the sliding mechanism)... perhaps due to the matt laminate selected... hmmm. do u have this problem too?
  12. Bedroom 2 in ICI Penalite Candlelight PL26288 with Vagen curtain rods from IKEA installed by mr Yeak Bedroom 3 in ICI Penalite Just Jade PL23188