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  1. Yes, on paper, MHI seems a good choice with lots of good features. I too bought it & installation is next week. I bought from Best Tech. We actually did a comparison with different companies installation materials. Most give Class 1 materials like Armaflex. K-flex is Class 0. So we felt in terms of installation Best Tech would offer the best materials & stuck to Best Tech.
  2. Sorry to sound so ULU.... where is molecule?
  3. I'm looking for stickers that I can stick on the wall. Some nice ones to add a touch to the balcony walls and also if there are any that I can use for kids room. Was also thinking of using some stickers for my kitchen glass door coz its looks rather plain. Anyone knows where I can find these. THANKS!
  4. Yes, we went for site visit with the ID several times to reconfirm our plans, do measurements etc. Sigh...
  5. I am installing PD door at my kitchen which is 4ft wide. And replacing my 2 toilet bifold doors with PD doors. I've read some feedback on this forum that its quite good. Another forum feedback was not so good but I've heard that they've improved on the mechanism now and also been thru some PSB testing. Go down to the office & take a look for yourself. They are quite friendly.
  6. We selected Home Success. Mainly because 4 other units in my block did reno with them so they took us to see all the 4 units that were done to see their workmanship. That gave us more confidence in them & since they are big company, we felt they would be reliable. They are most costly than other ID firms but we thot pay a little extra but safe better. Yesterday supposed to start tiling work, suddenly got call fr the ID to say that the wet wash area that we had already planned cannot be done becoz not enuf space. I was so angry. He had already drawn up the floor plan, then when we were going thru the reno works that need to be done at the house itself, he took measurement again & said no problem, everything will go as planned. My flat no wet area so I wanted to make one where I can put my pails & wash clothes by hand, etc. I dont like to do this in the common toilet coz my children use the toilet & they dont like it wet. What's the point of spending money to make toilet to look nice then so messy. Moreover, that's the guest toilet and I always have visitors on weekends so I like it clean & neat & presentable. I cant stand pails & mops everywhere. Maybe I'm too pampered always had the space/backyard for my cleaning stuff & this house dont have. I'm very angry. I told him to redraw my kitchen design to let me see. Since I'm in a hurry to move in, we still have to go ahead with the schedule as I need to move in by 24th November. I really hope that everything else will go as planned. His electrician is charging us quite a lot more than what I've read on this forum. They said becoz also got 5 yr warranty. So that's why charge higher. Anyway, as u can see I'm very angry! If anything else goes wrong... I'm gonna post it here too so everyone can beware!
  7. First thing is... check with contractor if that is indeed the tile that u selected. Or call the showroom to verify that u have received the correct tiles. I dont think u can differentiate by just looking at it. Sometimes contractors save cost by giving u something similar to the one u chose but not the same one. Has happened.
  8. She told me includes cutting out the holes for sink & hob & installation. Didnt ask abt polishing.
  9. FYI to anyone else who in interested. http://www.oceangranites.com.sg/og/products/products.shtml This company charges $90/ft for black galaxy (ft India) and $110/ft for emerald pearl (fr Norway). If u want the broader profile (20+20mm) its $20 more per foot. They will come in right after cabinets are ready to do measurement and will be able to install the granite within 3 to 4 days. Anyone heard of them or used them. My friend will probably be getting from them.
  10. thanks for the tip hopefully mine will turn out just as nice.
  11. Helping out a friend here. She's also doing her kitchen & now want to change from LG top to granite top after I was telling her what I've been reading on renotalk & why i decided on granite instead of LG. Contractor charge her $100/ft for LG and for granite want to charge her $140/ft. I read on this forum that can get for ard $95/ft. Where to get?
  12. I dont think they gave u Supreme. Any pieces of laminates lying around? Did u chose the AC3 or AC5 tropical hardwood range from Supreme. I just found out from them how to tell the difference so dont get cheated by contractor. If contractor didnt give u the one u wanted, make sure they change it!
  13. Yah... share your photos pluhleeese....
  14. I also heard abt Supreme SC5 or tropical hardwood range. I spoke to a few different pple who told me that its one of the best for this price range since both kronotex and Supreme are midrange laminates. It will still warp if water is left to soak for a few hours. I was warned that area just outside master bedroom toilet got to be very careful. Coz of wet feet going in & out of toilet, that seems to be the most problem area.