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  2. It's with mindsets about bottomlines all the time, that puts us in such a sorry state that we are in. That's the point I am trying to make, why does it have to be about money all the time? Why can't bus companies be more civic minded, and think about giving back to society? For example, start by giving back 5 - 10% of their earnings and do the right thing? I just read the Sunday Times, and having read the article that the law for seatbelts in buses will take time to be implemented, makes me shake my head. What is it about it that needs so much time? Why can't the authorities put their foot down, implement the law, and give 12 months for compliance, whether the bus companies like it or not? God forbid, but if any of our school going children, who take the school bus, get into a collision, would we parents give everything we have to have our children back? We cannot be complacent.
  3. I guess the story about 8-year-old Russell who was flung out of his school bus in a road accident is still quite fresh in everyone's minds. At the month-end Parliament meeting this month, many MPs are said to be garnering for a law to be passed to make selt belts mandatory in SCHOOL BUSES. The debate of who's to pick up the tab was, to me, the most irritating bit. I think the bosses of private bus companies are too "money faced". They see themselves as a simple bus operators. They do not see themselves as a community service providers. And that seems to be the hardest and most difficult mindset to alter. I hope to see the Government come out with a new legislation about bus companies that will skew these bus companies into thinking that if they don't conform, they will lose out to competition. Instead of using the cost of retro-fitting seat belts as main reason for not taking the lead. (sic) Stepping away from the above, I would like to start a discussion about how you decide on having a infant/child car seat in your own private cars? What are the factors of consideration? Do you already practice safe road safety for your most precious 'assets'? Fire away!
  4. I use a company called Parasols Unlimited. There are many companies like them. So do use the Yellow Pages, to get a few competitive quotes.
  5. Animal instincts ... natural procreation ..... well, what can I say. Our society however is not devoid of moral values. And every thread of society is bounded by what is accepted and unaccepted "socially". If one lives in a vacuum, well, by all means, have as many partners as one likes. In society, judgement is all part of society, and we have to live up to expectations whether we like it or not. It's our responsibility. There is no justification for extra-marital affairs. Someone is bound to get hurt, and the one being cheated on will be devastated. We all took our marriage vows. For better or worse. We *chose* our life partner. No one forced us to marry our spouse. So, be responsible for your own actions, and blame no one. Sorry, for being so direct and straight forward.
  6. There was a mad rush just before CNY. So I am not surprised at the compromise of some sewing. Your experience may not be exemplary of all curtains coming out from Jimmy Textiles. Just make sure you get your curtains rectified. This is true to a very large extent. But there are some curtain shops that will bring material to your homes, take measurements on site, and give recommendations to colour/fabric combinations. I dealt with 2 shops via phone, and they sent their sales staff down.
  7. This is by NO means an endorsement. I just wish to pass on information that I have actively culled when I was looking to furnish my children's rooms. www.happykidsasia.com
  8. Yes, Wilkinson Road is near Broadrick Road/Crescent Road indeed. These compressors need to sit on the ground. And they take up floor area. Food for thought?
  9. Sorry to hear that you are disappointed with your purchase. You might want to try re-aligning the plastic bag/insert. I am using normal supermarket plastic carriers, and these can even be hidden in the bin.
  10. wuga, you know I will be following your t-blog very closely. (cheers) Regarding your bathroom accessories, please make sure these are approved models. One of my ex neighbours, now in the midst of building her house, ran into problems with her faucets and rainshowers. Something to do with violating water consumption regulations. Do check with your engineers/architect.
  11. wuga, I just visited a friend who moved into a house her father built for her (Wilkinson Road) and she has 2 of these compressors that are placed on the ground in her back kitchen. They are huge!! I was very surprised to see them, and asked why her father's developer chose these mega compressors, and his rationale is no different from yours i.e. to amalgamate all aircon units into 2 mega compressors. This is something that I have not done personally, and I do not have direct experience to share if there are real pros for doing it. But top of mind, I wonder if it's really energy saving if you only have 1 or 2 ceiling cassette fans running.
  12. I am very excited to see your T-blog, wuga! When's the estimated TOP?
  13. zirhk, with all due respect I think that is a moot point. We are all not destitutes by a long mile, and none of us participating in a renovation (which is a luxury by any comparison) forum would belong to any of the extreme cases named as examples. (And I say this not without compassion). Even so, the extreme examples are also not terminally definate. They are circumstances that can be unwound/recovered. Maybe it's my naivity, but I have the opinion that anyone with conviction to improve one's lives will not stay 'unlucky'. Those who do nothing will not have their lives improved. And to relate back to having a single income family, with a stay at home mom to look after children (and not relying on a domestic maid 100% as in the hideous videos), it's financial choices that seem to be the main artery of all other decisions. Those would mean, not living out of ones means. To be able to have choices, one needs the freedom to make them. And I think you already know what I am driving at. Oh, Gong Xi Fa Cai! Xin Nian Kuai Le!