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  1. .... I am looking at buying either of them for me to work on little garden. Anyone know where I can buy direct and/or get a reasonable price for it. Thanks.
  2. ...anyone know where i can get some dia 7mm rod (prefer s304 either solid or hollow core). I need each of them to be about 440mm in length. Total i need 4 pieces of it. I'm trying to do some repairs. Thanks.
  3. anyone know if a carpenter can help me move a build in cupboard from one location of the room to another. I am trying to do some work to the floor and would like to shift the cupboard and as the cupboard is still very good, im trying to save it if possible. Anyone knows if this can be done and who should i contact. kamsia
  4. up ... reducing the price to $350 for a fast sale.
  5. bought it but we changed our minds about installing it. Still wrapped up, so it is practically NEW. The cushion is red in color. We are looking at selling it for $450 neg. Pls text me if you are interested, 96312655.
  6. i think can take it as a DIY project but the issue is cutting on site (at the house), you need to have the tools to do fine cutting and potentially welding.
  7. am trying to replace my wood handrail to either stainles steel or aluminium, anyone has a direct contact that i can deal with. It's a small and relatively simple job and i do not need a contractor. Thanks.
  8. Hi: i am trying to replace some railings to teak wood, where can i go to get it cut to my size and dimensions? TQ
  9. can these be use in beverage? or water line? Just worried that they are different grades out there and also if it has smell that get passed on to the water/beverage. Thanks, i am still looking for them.
  10. am doing some DIY changing of these tubings, I am not sure if they have "food" grade type or they are just general. Anyone can suggest where to get them? Thanks.
  11. any idea how much is the system? I need around ~1500kw to 1800kw per mth
  12. Thanks, 20panels can generate how much of power?
  13. wuga98

    Chengal Wood

    i am looking at some DIY work on my timber deck. Where can i get a specific cut dimension of chengal wood. I would like to replace certain pieces of it. Thanks.
  14. anyone have experience installing this? What to consider? and any recommendation on article/website for me to read up on. Thanks