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  1. Hello! Hope you guys managed to solve the issues on the water seeping issue. You might want to Stomp it with the intention of letting the people involved that it's not something that they can sweep it under the carpet and they might take more responsibility for it. Out of curiosity, which estate is it?
  2. Hi, I just want to check with you if there's a reason why you didn't hack the upper part and the right side of the service yard wall? Is it because it's structural beam and you couldn't hack? I am still waiting for my flat, but doing some space planning currently. Intending to hack away all the walls if possible but not sure what are the costs involved. (PE,hacking,making good of the floor)
  3. Hi Dicky, You got your keys for Waterway Terrace 2 already? Just curious that's all as I've a friend who bought a unit there too.
  4. Hi, I hope the reno has been smooth for you. To highlight one concern, base on the artist impression, there seem to be a lot of open shelving in your living room and walk-in wardrobe, up keeping might be an issue since it will tend to get dusty. Overall, it's still a very pretty house!
  5. Hi, I just want to check for the service yard door, why didn't you choose to hack it totally? is it not allowed or you just chose to so as to separate your washing machine/dryer from kitchen?
  6. I like the sliding glassdoor! How much did you pay for it? And how do they usually charge? Which company you got it from? Appreciate your reply.
  7. Hi peppermint. Recently, I've visited a flat @ CityView (Boon Keng) DBSS, and there are about 5 units which managed to get permission sell their house before the 5 years MOP under special circumstances. You might want to try asking the HDB officer who might be able to better advise you.
  8. Thanks Bernard. I suppose the marble top have to be join it in the house then, just that I always thought marble is always nicer in one piece. Sigh.
  9. Dear Homeowners, I have got a few questions to ask: I am thinking of having an island kitchen in the new BTO 4room flat. 1) Just wondering if a 3m Island Kitchen will be able to fit into the lift? It would be 1.2m for the storage cabinet (below) + 1.8m for the seating (means no storage below). So, combined would be 3m. 2) Might be opting for marble top and I wonder if it comes in one big piece or? And, will it be able to fit into the lift as well? 3) For kitchen cabinets, what is the width/height per pull-out drawer? Is there a standard size or we could let the contractor know what dimension we want and they do it accordingly?
  10. Would you mind sharing which BTO project you are waiting for? Easier to advise from there.
  11. For a going-to-be new owner like me, I am just wondering why do people choose getting their wardrobe done by outsourced companies rather than their own contractor? Is it because of the brand or contractor is not able to produce the same design or quality? Pardon me, I really find their (outsourced companies) designs plain. So, why pay more? Enlighten me if possible. I am just curious.
  12. We have the exact same layout (4 room though), except that I would only be getting my keys in 4 years time Would love to see how you transform the space!