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  1. Random update... we put up the shelves + cart for our mini "bar". Both are from taobao. Looks like we need to make more trips to the alcohol store to stock up image
  2. Hi, sorry for the lat reply. Here are some pictures, the bathroom is pathetically small so I had some trouble taking photos... Shower screen With our shower head Vanity table + mirror (pardon the mess) sure will PM you.
  3. Yes we have installed the sink and we used their sink drainage trap. I am not too familiar with the casing actually we just passed everything to our contractor to install. The sink is working well, no issues. Thanks!!
  4. Thanks! Yes I really like it, very comfortable. You may wish to go down to Castlery to test it out yourself Hi elyse, have PM-ed you.
  5. Quick review of 2 more Taobao stuff bought Toilet Roll holder. (Link) Pros - Looks good, and the wooden 'shelf' was pretty useful for putting stuff like your handphone lol Cons- The wooden shelf was obviously larger than what was shown in the stock picture, also can be quite flimsy and needs to be tightened. Cushion Cover (First two with the prints) (Link) So this was another DIY. I bought plain cushion covers and got my sister who sells screenprinted t-shirts(DODT) to screen print on them. Turned out pretty cute! Pros- Good quality. Get the 45cm x 45cm ones and you can buy the Ikea $4.90 cushions for them. Cons- Sister commented that material a tad thick to screen print well
  6. So we are partially moved in! Finally! There are still some more bits and pieces to be installed (mostly because they are on the way from Taobao) and lots of stuff to be unpacked so pardon the mess. Some pictures here and there Loving our shoe cabinet laminate (pardon the loose wires, electrician was installing led strip lights ) Grey doors against our grey tiles against grey toilet tiles. I love grey so most of my home is grey ( despite protest from my ID for some color haha) Walk in wardrobe with vanity table. ID designed such that the top of the table can be flipped to reveal a mirror. "Railway track" shelving in my cabinets so that the heights can be easily adjusted. Loving this. Quite pleased with the workmanship of the carpentry too TV wall of the MBR. Another design by the ID to hide all unsightly wires. Holes were created in the wall (that lead out to the wardrobe on the other side) for all the wires. The cubby holes also allowed us to put stuff like tv box, dvd player etc
  7. Thanks! Have DM-ed you! The entire left side of our toilet is the shower and separated by a shower screen but the master toilet is really very tiny, hardly any space regardless of what you do zzz..anyway will try to take a pic soon
  8. hi neighbor! HAHA i know what you mean about the mosaic n the bathroom.
  9. DIY "Feature" Wall If you noticed on the 3D drawings, our ID had initially proposed for us to have 2 feature walls - one in the master bedroom and one in the living room. However we werent a fan of stucco walls so we decided on craftstone brick wall for the living room (no money for both rooms lol). Still the masterbedroom looked a bit bare and we wanted to do something, did some googling and came across the easiest and cheapest way to jazz up our wall. Not an arts-n-craft person at all so key word was easy haha. Before: sticking masking tape on the wall Before part 2: masking tape pattern done. Took us about 30 mins After: 2 coats of paint later. I thought it turned out really well and I really like it alot. Best of all, if you make a mistake/dont like it after awhile can just simply paint over.
  10. Thanks! Its from Castlery Thanks! Yes taobao is addictive. We just made our 4th round of purchase and still adding more stuff to cart. Would love to see your loot too!
  11. A couple more updates, suddenly everything is speeding up. We decided to pop by at 9ish pm last night and was surprised to find workers still working! Painted bomb shelter door and door frames. The bomb shelter door is chalkboard paint while the rest of the frames are in matte black. The ID gave us a choice between glossy (not as nice but last longer) and matte (looks nicer but need to touch up often). First time home owners of course we chose aesthetics over practicality hah Another layer of chalk board paint on the kitchen wall too Brick wall in the process of being re-done. Also the new bricks filled into the empty spaces in the shoe cabinet + below the console