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  1. eh...my mandarin quite bad....but thanks alot! u are my number 1. are u a fengshui master??
  2. Never buy a house with a toilet located at the center influence of the home. The center of the house is where all the flux of energy comes together. And if the toilet is located at the center of the home. Your wealth will leak out of the home. This will result in the family facing financial difficulties. is there anything in fengshui that can counter this?? thanks for the advice.
  3. YUAN ZHONG XIU................its link with Sunshine Empire. my reno id told me a customer of his...was ask to buy fengshui stuff...mounting to 20K...more expensive than the reno itself....
  4. can u exposed ur contractor name and company?? do us a favour..........
  5. i sincerely recommend Crestar...follow by FANCO. i installed Crestar in my living room...and FANCO in my study room last week. the crestar has more wind. but price is on the high side. forget abt Amasco. unless u want more trouble.
  6. actually u can just email to them...and put attention to benedict. my house is done by James, boss of earnest. not bad.
  7. his design is very nice..............but. the downside is that he project tend to take a longer time. and also....his contractor doesn't always turn up as promised.