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  1. I don't think building a wall will cost more than what you paid for your deposit. So if you really like the place, consider building the wall instead.
  2. I still have a 3/4 tin of magnetic paint for sale. Don't think you need the whole tin. It transforms the wall to both a chalkboard and magnetic wall. The paint could only holds light magnetic, great for transforming a door or wall with chalk. If you are interested please sms me at 98339014.
  3. Yes, I bought some zinc sheet from them to do up a magnetic wall. The shop owner is very helpful and best of all he speaks english . Highly recommended.
  4. You mentioned tt he sells metal too. Does he sell metal sheets?
  5. I'm not an affected party but have been following this thread bec I've engaged Ah Soon earlier this year. I don't think name-calling is useful now. If you are an angel, say something useful and constructive - not name-calling. Lets move on. I think the current initiative to consolidate the lost and option to use the $ is a good one. Besides the money, perhaps should also explore the various options for the future e.g. police report, CASE etc..etc...
  6. We had some time to do some enhancements to the look of the house with new decal. We simply love the tree and the birds. This is a free bird from Decorette which sits nicely on my switch... Finally, we have enough space to have a full size christmas tree....
  7. I'm looking for four stripes of about 1m x 12cm. Any material that magnetic could stick on. Staying in clementi.
  8. Tried that, CMI. Even with many coats, can only hang very light magnetic. Not recommended.
  9. Life is great and just came back from a good break in Hong Kong. I stayed near the pandan canal but I don't think it is due to humidity. I think such hinge should be made of stainless steel. I've emailed his son but with the recent problems with Ah Soon, I don't think this will be resolved. I'm quite surprise with all the problems with his recent reno. How's thing with you and your family?
  10. I've completed my reno with Ah Soon in Apr this year and have not visited renotalk since. I'm very surprise to hear of all the problems with Ah Soon. We do face some problems with him but not on money matters. However, some of his sub-cons did mention to me that Ah Soon wasn't good with managing money, and have a tendency to lose money/make little from reno projects. I just emailed his son regarding rusting door hinge but I don't think I can get this resolve now. I do hope your issues could be resolved soon.
  11. Yes, I saw those in Ikea but I am thinking of customising the metal wall to fit my needs. Thanks for your suggestion!
  12. I'm thinking of starting a project to build up a metal wall. Any bro/sis knows where I can buy metal sheets?
  13. Hi, I haven't check-in for quite a while... sorry if I've not reply to your questions. I'm currently facing some problem with my door provided by Ah-Soon. All the hinges are rusting. Anyone facing the same problem?? See pictures which is self explanatory.
  14. Congrats... very nice carpentry indeed! I like your long seatee.... functional yet can seat so many people. Good idea!
  15. That's why I avoided white and black..... I chose grey. SIGH... still more scratches after 1 month now. Aggrrr....... getting more upset as I see the scratches. I found the culprit. The bottom of my plates and bowls got some 'unfinished' sharp edges......... I sand down these edges now.