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  1. As requested, here are the pics of our latest decal.
  2. Our Ikea purchases... 1) Chest of 4 drawers with glass top 2) Additional storage rack in store room 3) 2 bookcases 4) Study table & wall shelf with lighting. The wall shelf was quite a good bargain. Excluding the brackets, the shelf itself was selling at almost 70% off the original price. Cannot resist the temptation even though we did not intend to put a shelf there in the first place Another view of the study table with the shelf light switched on.
  3. Did more shopping over the last couple of weeks. Bought our fridge and washing machine the week before last and did more furniture shopping in Ikea last week since they were having sale. All the stuff were delivered last Sat. Our Hitachi fridge. The dimensions were carefully checked multiple times by booy & me to make sure it can fit into the space before we committed to the purchase. Electrolux washing machine
  4. As mentioned by booy, the monopoly clock is a purchase with purchase item offered by Junction 8. http://www.capitacard.com.sg/promo/2009/SP..._July_09/19.pdf But the brochure states that the offer is up till 28 Jun. Maybe now no more liao.
  5. chip&dale, you've got PM. The light is from Chan Huat. Around $50. It's using T5 tube.
  6. Study room Empty now except the seatie. Pardon the mess on top Master Bedroom Bedframe and mattress delivered on time Simple TV console Wardrobe with sliding mirror door Toilet
  7. Kitchen / Common Toilet Nothing much done to the kitchen except to change the hob and hood Common toilet
  8. Photos time! Living / Dining Our dining table & chairs Sofa. Very comfy. No coffee table cos S&C sent the wrong colour. They took it back and will send the correct one soon. Sony Bravia LCD TV and Philips DVD micro theatre
  9. Erm... 28 + 6 = 34, not 32 Anyway, our basin is 160mm high, so altogether 880mm from floor, which is equivalent to about 34.6 inches. If you think you will often knock your elbows against the basin, then ask it to be lowered bah. Any reason why he suggested 38"?
  10. Compressor is MXY-4A28VA. Around 30k BTU/hr. Living room fancoil 22k BTU, the 3 rooms 9k each. Paid around 4k with bracket, Armaflex 1/2-inch insulation and 5-year extended warranty.
  11. Yah, we are really thankful to have Joseph managing the 2nd half of our renovation. Responsible guy and able to get things done. He's quite jovial as well. Anyway, here's a photo of our MBR toilet with the corian top and the basin finally installed. Will post more photos after we clean the place and the furniture come in on Sat
  12. Tiling uncle came and finished the tile rectification today. But the tiles where the storage heater is mounted are still hollow (at least some part of the tiles is)... The tiling uncle said our tiles are thicker and tougher than normal, so when drilling, it will cause more vibrations and result in the cement being 'shaken off'. Anyway, he said hollowness in wall tiles are not that dangerous and somemore we got mount stuff on it, so won't pop. Don't know whether true or not... Our hood problem has been resolved. Joseph managed to arrange for some modification of the hood hole in our kitchen cabinet to allow our new hood to be mounted. Corian top for the MBR toilet is arriving tomorrow morning, after which the plumbing guys will come and install the basin and the remaining toilet fittings. Ah Wei is also sending his guys down tomorrow to drill the holes for our TV console and take a look at the cushion tear and rectify a small problem with one of our TV console doors. Hopefully can see most of the stuff completed tomorrow...
  13. Colour code 830. Colour temperature is 3000K. If you are looking for 4000k, then go for colour code 840 (cool white). Actually, it's hard to capture the correct colour in the photo due to the camera's auto white balance, so best to go to light shop and ask them to show u
  14. Finally found some time to upload photos of our new lights. Our toilet light Tube light at the back of the kitchen Room light with warm white lighting for common room. Same one for the other room aka study but will be using white lighting instead. And lastly the master bedroom with 2 bedside lamps and our favourite ceiling light Closeup
  15. PC show slightly cheaper. Called shops like Goh Ah Bee and Euromark on Friday and they are selling at 1950 and 1930 respectively with no free gifts. Ok la, i already very satisfied with the price. Have been aiming for this model for quite some time but the price has always been stuck at around $2500. Almost wanted to give up this model and settle for a lower-spec Samsung Series 5, but luckily the price dropped to a very attractive level these couple of weeks, so I'm very happy that I got what I wanted