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  1. hi, can i ask advise for those who have done applying/purchasing of the recess area. after we apply for the recess area, and HDB has inform us the costs and has approved, is it a MUST to proceed and pay up for it? or can we still consider?? do we have to pay for the application? if yes, how much? thanks in advance!
  2. Has/can anyone advise what are the procedures to sell condo without engaging an Agent? Is it a must to engage a housing Agent to sell for Private Properties? Thank you.
  3. The only thing up to this date that I didn't do for my house reno as planned is this partition. I'm not too sure if mine is to prevent Chi from flowing out of the house because my main door does not face the windows directly, although once you come thru the door you can clearly see the window area. Is this a very very important part of FS if told to do so by the FSM? At that time, my hubby wanted to rear fish, so ok lah, put a fish tank as partition just nice. But then after a while, he seemed to changed his mind. I was so worried its a "5 min" thingy and than the fish tank might become my baby instead. Aahhhaaha.. so I also conveniently try to forget about it. But the thought of what my FSM said keeps coming back to my mind. He said this area should contain water.. so a fish tank is good to put there. The water will hold the wealth in the house, something like that lah. Maybe thats why till now never strike lottery lor! I heard that there is another reason for this type of partition. Something about some clockwise direction that flow to the MBR is it? It changes the direction of the Chi or something like that? Can someone enlighten me? Thanks!
  4. the problem here i believe is not whether their combine income is 6K or 8K. But the issue hdb and banks are concerned with is that they wanna take out a 90% loan. 90% loan are not granted automatically i believe and is granted only in special cases on case to case basis. moreover, when u're doing your own business, your risks are higher. 90% of businesses do not make it, especially if its a young business of less then 3 yrs. even successful businesses take an avg of 2 yrs to breakeven. then whats worst is the gf is now working in his company. if touchwood, his company goes down, means both will be outta job. i think they cannot fault hdb or the banks for not wanting to loan them. coz if its the other way around, will they wanna take this type of risks?
  5. if thats the case... then IRAS will come knocking on his door sooner or later. i doubt its a case of undeclaring income lah. coz in the 1st place, if income very big, probably means a lot of cash savings and have the ability to place a larger downpayment, so why wanna take out 90% loan. aiya, anyways, nowadays, everyone also can be 'director'... juz go ROC, register a company, print namecard and put the designation 'director' under the name... then viola! become 'director' liao. kekeke... what kind of director have such poor financial planning? how did this case made it to the news? if the couple made a complain thinking that the media will help them, they might be so wrong. there are so many other stuff to plan and think about besides juz purchasing an expensive flat/condo. say...if their loan went thru, whats next? hse no need to do reno ah? so take reno loan? no need to purchase furnishings?? oh... nevermind, got a few CC can max them out. all these are also heavy expenses. how about monthly expenses like bills and such...and car loan if any?? money related issues/problems is 1 of the top causes for breaking up a marriage. if in the future one or both of them loses their job, get pay cut, dunno what will happen. at the end of the day... its the parents/relatives that will suffer. coz at that time, they will have to borrow more $ again, $ that they would probably have difficulty repaying. in the news it says hdb only willing to loan 150K. and the banks they approached only willing to loan them abt 60%. i'm certain they did credit assessment of the couple before lah...and probably found some bad credit history.
  6. I agree with another forummer that 8K penalty is a CHEAP lesson. Nextime, they will thank their lucky stars that this housing loan was rejected by the bank. And if losing 8K can cause one to lost sleep and cry, plus have to borrow option fee money from relatives to begin with....tsk tsk... what were they thinking. I think apparently not thinking hard enough. Yes, no doubt that these new hdb flats at these premium areas are very expensive but nobody put a knife to your neck and ask you to purchase. U make your own choices you pay your own prices. If cannot get new hdb flat, whats wrong with a resale one? There are nice resale hdb flats around, also by pte developer and exterior look nicer then the usual HDB, comes with a slightly premium price too, but below 400K, although granted its not located at prime area like boon keng lah! I think this is the problem with many (not all) Singaporeans. They try too hard to keep up with the joneses. Even if they have financial savvy friends to give them good financial advise, they may not be able to listen in also, but instead think that good advises are being sour grapes!
  7. ok, thanks, i'd try to trim the stems shorter to 2.5 inches. i dun think they're the ever blooming types. probably they'd bloom twice a yr hopefully. so far still no sign of flowers though..but they're growing taller, i can see baby 'shoots' of new green leaves growing from the top. thats a good sign i guess, at least they're not totally dead!
  8. am not very familiar abt what to do on Dong Tu. maybe u'd like to start another thread so that other people can advise?
  9. no leh... no exclusive agreement signed. she told the agent she is not agreeable to this since she wasn't aware of such a thing in the first place. so i think the agent can't do anything about it also.
  10. err.... to be honest. i'm not exactly sure also..juz did according to fsm instructions..keke. but i think its to 'zhao chai'. coz in fs, fire represents 'wealth'.
  11. ooh... so for some companies there is such a rule? but if there is... it should be highlighted clearly to the sellers before they sign any OTP right? if not, it amounts to deception. anyways, she did mention that she skimmed though the OTP and didn't remember seeing this clause. anyways, told her not to give in unless she did blindly sign without reading properly then boh pian lor (some agents can be 'dirty' and don't highlight the clause and some owners too trusting liao).
  12. they have various sizes for these kinds of stove. i just got the small one, since it is for "yi si" only and also easier for my hubby to carry (if not will be too heavy and hot with the burning charcoal!). well... yeah, its for 1 time use only... unless you wanna be boiling herbs or making soup the very traditional way! ahaha...
  13. I'm helping my friend to ask... if there is such a thing. Her buyer signed OTP, then placed a $1K deposit. After that, buyer decided to back out, so the 1K deposit was forfeited. Now, her agent says, 50% of that forfeited deposit must go to the agent, its the agents company policy. Got such thing ah? Personally I have not heard of such a thing. Moreover, no agreement was signed regarding this. Sounds like the agent trying to pull a fast one on my friend.
  14. yes yes... paging for 1 more lady player