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  1. thinner is usually what pple will recommend - cos it wont cause any other disasters(see below). acetone = can remove lots of stuffs(stains, paint, oil stains...etc) but it melts plastics!!! 1 drop alone will see your plastic discoloured/damaged. use acetone with a lot of care. if got paint on your aluminium/steel windows or grill can use acetone also. NEVER on plastics. After my renovation completed there were lots of unknown stubborn stains on my tiles - tried nearly everything available in NTUC, scrub like a old maid - yet the stains minimises only by 10-30%. When i use acetone - I only need to wipe it off once and stains are gone.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LA4Xx5Noxyo
  3. it's everywhere. downlights that uses energy saving bulbs. bulb burnt, change bulb. cos the ballast is inside the $5 energy saving bulb. choice is - replace a $5 bulb or remove the downlight or pull out the wires and replace the $15 ballast? if you dont know how to change - got to pay for a electrician to do it for you some more.
  4. go to www.youtube.com search mythbusters finger print door locks (shown on discovery channel) and enjoy the show!!!
  5. 1)hack n retile whole house plus 3 toilets and 1 kitchen and balcony 3x toilets already 9k, kitchen at least 4k-5k, ground and 2ndflr at least another 12k 2)change windows and grills this is actually the cheapest. if windows are from hdb, keep it. I didnt do grill for MBR, if Mr spiderman can climb in, he can have everything. no grill(cage for balcony) , only do grill separating livingroom and balcony. 3)rewire whole house below 3k 4)2 wardrobes in mbr subjective - from 2k onwards 5)1 kitchen cabinet subjective - from 2k onwards. 6)paint whole house below 3k
  6. waterproofing got warranty - forgotten how many years liao.
  7. can try calling them http://www.carltonglass.com.sg/
  8. as long as it's belong $1k anything around 700 or below just take lor. you need to calculate how long/how much will you save per year. most Sharp fridges drinks electricity.
  9. moderate cost 1x toilet = $3k 1x kitchen = $5k-6k
  10. ya. if player dead can just put a teddy bear
  11. before you embark on your project. nowadays electronic products SPOIL easily!!!! most only last till the last day of their warranty period. unless you are getting a B&O....then different story.
  12. best before 6pm weekdays sat morning
  13. go make friends with pple who has a DANG KEE neighbour then you will feel you aint so unlucky after all. when you burn so much sandalwood in your house - you wanna close your door? reminds me of smoked salmon.