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  1. Hi May, sorry for late reply, been busy for many things lately, haha... our contractor help us get the door and from the catalog, he seems like getting it from Acme design
  2. Move Into Our House - 15 Dec 2016, Day 55 So with the renovation completed and lived in for the past 15 days, I'm confident to said we are more than happy with the final outcome and this should be the last post (with furnitures) to conclude our renovation journey Review of Happy Lodge We are grateful we have found a competent contractor without hassle to work with, there's no need to chase them for anything since they're highly effective and get everything done in due time, their quote is reasonable price (not necessarily the cheapest but certainly the most detail) and they are willing to listen and prompt at responding, they listen to our ideas and point out what is feasible and what is not and even offer some alternative (e.g. kitchen swing and slide door. Ray is also very helpful, when we ask for help, he will be willing to drop by and help out whenever he's available.
  3. Move Into Our House - 30 Nov 2016, Day 40 Our friend helps us to check the auspicious date time to move in, though the furniture haven't arrived yet, we've decided to do the ritual as this is once in a life time event and worth to take leave to just do it The day before we have mix uncooked rice, salt, tea leaves and scatter around the house. The process of scattering the "Rice" means sowing of wealth around the house and the "salt and tea leaves" means purify the negative energies accumulated during the previous owner’s stay. Good luck begins on day one, We light up the stove at the door, and make sure the charcoal is set alight and burning brightly! Before we step in, we roll a pineapple into the house while saying “huat ah!” to welcome wealth and prosperity into our new home. We then retrieve the charcoal stove, bring it to the kitchen and use it to cook red bean soup.
  4. Renovation Progress - 28 Nov 2016, Day 38 We have asked our aircon vendor's help to install the electric clothes hanger, it's quite heavy and really grateful for their help
  5. Hi AHbang, sorry for late reply, been busy ever since we move in to our new house till now, haha... Here is the taobao link to the pendant lamp and the cost is RMB499 蒂凡尼田园贝壳led三头吊灯
  6. Hi pjsh, I've pmed you my contractor contact, have posted the quotation on page 1 and the cost is close to 30k without doing toilets. We put a built in cupboard around the kitchen pipes which is accessible for future inspections and maintenance. For now it looks like space wasted and we will think of ways to better utilize the space
  7. Thanks! We've been busy with furniture delivery, clean up and moving in for last few days, will update more photos soon
  8. Hi Jerrick, I'm mister, not sister, haha... I've shared the detail quotation on page 1, the total cost is close to 30k without doing toilets since we will proceed with HIP, the estimation for doing 2 toilets will be around another 10k. Wish your all the best with your renovation and hope to see your progress here soon
  9. We use 12W LED downlight, the living room is bright enough even with just 4 downlights at the corner
  10. Renovation Progress - 26 Nov 2016, Day 36 Renovation done with plumber install the sink mixer, paint touch up and put on kitchen sliding & swing door. get the washing machine and fridge delivered by mega discount store and perform first round of clean up. Plumber has installed our Blanco Spirit-S pull out sink mixer, very solid build and looks very stylish, it has a smooth action and the pullout is extremely useful from prevent water from spill out. We bought Electrolux fridge and washing machine, the ETE5720AA fridge comes with auto ice maker (still have to fill water bottle though) which is quite handy. We also bought the SimpleHuman bag dispenser, this holder is really a wonderful buy, it looks slick yet hold loads of carrier bags and they are so easy to pull out. Kitchen - Install the Slide & Swing door Final round of touch up paint, really love the charcoal slate color, you may think that the dark grey will make the room smaller, but it is an interesting versatile neutral color which just make other things pop
  11. Thanks! It looks cozy because no furniture yet, hopefully will still feel cozy once we put in furnitures, haha.
  12. Renovation Progress - 24 Nov 2016, Day 34 Judging our renovation will be completed 20 Nov, we have request Vincent to proceed with curtain installation. He has scheduled 24 Nov 11:30am, since we don't have much annual leave left, we have gave him the number lock passcode and he proceed to install the curtains on scheduled date. I'd expect some may interested to know his contact after seeing his work, his phone number is nine three eight four nine two two eight, if you would like know to know how much we spent, please pm me, thanks. Living room - The door smith is installing the gate and door at the same evening and tied the curtain to right hand side to not hinder his work... Master bedroom Bedroom 2 - Found this color looks much nicer than the MBR curtain, haha.
  13. Taobao/Qoo10 Purchase Round 2 Purchase on 11 Nov, to be updated