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  1. Very true! Thanks for the reminder...my player is a cheap one anyway. Maybe I should install like an Ikea Lack shelf and put it on top instead? At least if the music player goes away I can put stuff on it too...
  2. Does anyone wall hung their small music player on the wall? I am considering the idea because it seems redundant for me to get some sort of cabinet as a stand for it, and I want minimum clutter against the wall. My worry is 1) will the wires stretching from it to the power socket at the bottom corner of the wall look ugly? 2) will it spoil the look of the wall?
  3. I have a balcony floor filled with pebbles instead of just a pebble wash surface, and my idea of washing it is to splash a bucket of water over it. When I really moved it, I'll tell you if that works See the post here from my T-blog
  4. My resale EM had the same surface, and it costs me 3.1k just to plaster the whole house. Don't think it's a problem, they just smear plaster over everything, don't think anything can go wrong.
  5. Almost had the same situation previously, when I paid the OTP sum but the buyer eventually refuse to accept it and sign on her part of the contract. Which is actually a fortunate thing actually... I think you might be able to solve the problem by simply listing down the actions you will take against the owner, and what you will get them to compensate if they breached the contract (price difference compensation, lawyers' fees, agent fees etc). That might wake them up. NEVER reveal your handphone number, you don't want people bugging you long after the action is over...
  6. Went before, they will take you to some places to see see, but actually, once you get settled on your contractor etc, they'll tell you in so much more details that this becomes pointless. I see it as basically an activity for hbay to show you the IDs that they work with so that they can potentially get your business. Nothing wrong with that la, just that now on hindsight I learnt so much more from my renovator than from them.
  7. Actually Home and Decor magazine/Squarerooms are really not bad to get designer ideas la. But too take note that most of the time the designs you see inside are very unique, and will probably cost a bomb to replicate. If you have a big budget why not get your ID to design for you, and see what they can come up with given your house concept? That will ensure that you have a unified design for the whole house. It's much harder to take and match things that you like from magazines and hope that the overall look will be pleasing. If you don't have a big budget, you should drop the idea of having custom built tv console and shelves. TV consoles can be real cheap, so just shop around. My contractor proposed building 2 floating shelves in my kitchen and quoted me $350 for it, and I took out the item and intend to get Ikea's Lack shelf to install myself instead! Wardrobes and cabinets probably don't differ much inside, and it's only the exterior look that you need to think about.
  8. Was searching the forum for the pricing for marble polishing too, because my ID quote me $1650 too! He did mention need to repair some cracks lah. However, I got other quotes which does that from $580 to $900...so the huge range in price is really making me tempted to look for a separate contractor for the job...any help?
  9. I recently asked a paint shop about painting services and they just offered me their contractor's contacts. BTW, I've a mansionette with paint jobs offered in the range of $1800-2200. I decided to just DIY. Frankly, I think it is best to go with the contractor that you are comfortable working with la, instead of looking at individual items' costing. They need to make profit and when they give you an itemised list costs they just add that profit into some of the items (presumably the most expensive ones). If they quote cheaper for the paint works some other items will be more expensive, makes me feel as if it's quite futile to do such comparisons. Just my personal opinion...
  10. Angel81 etc, I find that it might save you an appointment if you make your first meeting with your contractor/ID at your new place, so that you can straightaway show them what you want. Otherwise if first meeting meet them at office, still have to go your place see, then meet then again get quotation etc etc...like that each contractor/ID meet min 3 times can die... Still waiting to finalise quotes...all in 50+k range cos I taking down everything...
  11. In the midst of getting a contractor...only got 1 quote so far and 3 others coming in soon...will see how it goes from there. Wonder if these will be enough for me to make a final decision...or is it the more the merrier? Will hope to set up a T-blog soon, but after I got my contractor lah. Otherwise nothing to blog about too ha.
  12. Hi EMers, Does anyone have a staircase railing that looks like this? Thought it is a nice solution to have cable railings as it is easy to clean and simple looking, but my contractor's quote of $5k for it put a dampener to the idea. Will appreciate if anyone has contacts to build this, or have comments about this system? thanks! (Picture taken from http://www.ultra-tec.com/)
  13. I was quoted $1500 for sand and debris clearing for my EM recently loh... I don't even know where I should start my bargaining at...
  14. I wanted to lay a chengal deck on my balcony too...but read on other parts of the forum here price should be around 1k... hm... Maybe your balcony extra big...
  15. Me and WTB just got a bunch of wall decals from china website www.taobao.com, the chinese eBay. Her sister knows of a spree for the website, and so we bought quite a lot of it, all sorts of funny stuff at a very good price. if you can, go to the site and search for 'qiang tie' (wall sticker). For future sprees, I think just google 'taobao spree singapore' or something and you'll probably find it.