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  1. They went from minor to 3/4, think last night's decision was to overhaul. Thanks for your suggestions. Agree with you that base on floorplam, the 2-way access is not bad. I'll let her know your ideas, thanks.
  2. Yeah, personally I feel the design is something different too. But then again, she said the space looks bigger than the actual. Thus, with the chute there, and the wall opening at the kitchen, she feels that there'll not be enough kitchen cabinets.
  3. Hey guys, Helping my friend to post this here... they need suggestion/ideas on where to place the fridge, WM, sofa, and etc... Right now, there is this small window in the kitchen wall on the right side (opp the right windows, done by previous owner), and they thought of keeping it (to keep their kid in view when in kitchen). This had thus prevented them from having top and bottom cabinets which they sorely need. Hse will be occupied with 4 adults + a kid (for now). The kitchen windows on the right side is the place where to sun the clothes, and they have the intention of moving the cooker from where the current (as indicated in current workplan) to the opp side. As the chute is smack at the middle, it is hard for them to decide where to place the WM, since it will be better to place it near the common toilet... Also, at the wall b/w BR3 and LR, there are 3 altars which take up abt 3/4 of that length. The remaining space is where they thought to keep the TV area, and the seating opposite. Would it be better to have a L-shape (one side against the glass balcony door), or a 3+2? Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  4. Haha... will not be posting here lah... perhaps post the url in facebk.
  5. Yoyo... you guys got facebook mah? I added some that Apple sent me. Not sure if i got missed out anyone else or not though.
  6. Okie okie. Likely to be swamped w wedding stuff liaoz. too many relatives - ended up cut from friends side (since relatives die die also cant cut even though had not seen them for yrs!!) Haven bought fridge, WM n storerm racks also. Lalala...
  7. Hi guys... sorry, real sorry... super duper busy and cant pop by here... think i missed Angel's makan session. Angel - i do hope you are feeling much better... take care yah? Err... which gathering's up next ah?
  8. Wah, what happened? Hw is she? I'm got a prior appt in the afternoon. If Bliss is postponed, let me know k? Coz i'll be out from morning onwards.
  9. Haha... removed one niah. Its actually the 3rd and last one... Wah, you took out all 4? Ouchy ouch! Nv thot of straws leh. Now hubby call me pighead. So sad. Bunbun - mc's up. Went back work today. Xian...
  10. Cannot see got blue-black or not lehz. It's on my right side. Everyday go see mirror got swollen or not, so far dun hav. But got a bad sore throat coz not enough water. with the stitches there, i din really want to 'wet' them. so end up sore throat. *bang wall* Got ah... i kenna then know got stitches thingy. Cost me $520, luckily can pay via medisave. Yah lor. Watch you guys eating. Heehee. Keeping fingers cross!
  11. I did wisdom tooth removal y'day... dentist said the tooth quite big, so need stitches... and it'll only be removed on next sat morning. Shd i still go? Sob... They serve western right? Any idea what else? :~ First time i heard got stitches. but luckily jaw ok. Coz got chance that 3-4% ppl get perm jaw numbness.
  12. Me in. Where is it huh? And its dinner right?
  13. Had registered for the free copy. Hehe. Thanks for the heads up, Jaren. Btw, seems like my study rm is the 'moisture-rich' room... other than hungry hippos around, are there any way to reduce the moisture? It dosent help that the windows are facing the corridor and thus, hardly opened.