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  1. Good to hear that once rust is removed, they dont come back easily. Thought Kraus would have used a better quality stainless steel considering the way they market their product as better than the average with G16 thickness and sound proofing base. Maybe good quality stuff no longer exist today as the sink I am using for the past 20 years never had rust spotted and it only cost me <$200.
  2. Thank you for sharing your experience. Surprise to hear that the stainless stain Kraus use can get rusty. What about scratches? Are you using it with the tray provided?
  3. Hi everyone. Can anyone share their experience with Kraus sink? I am interested in getting the KHU100-32 but found poor reviews on amazon. Anyone have problem with draining water as the base is too flat and also rust at spot which accumulate water? Regards Alvin Choo
  4. Hi everyone, can someone share contacts for marble suppliers selling at reasonable pricing? Looking for white, cream or beige ones. Thanks.
  5. Anyone care to share their experience with vinyl flooring after using it for a few years?
  6. Got it. One control cable from heater to control panel. Power cable to heater tank. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Any user who switch off supply to air con frequently can share if their compressor is still working?
  8. Thanks for your feedback. The multiple might be a function for more than 1 user using hot water and therefore increase output to heat up water? From your description above, there seems to be another control cable running from the heater to the electronic switch. So in total the electronic switch has 2 cables wired to it? 1 power cable and 1 control cable?
  9. Hi changbp Hows your experience with the ao smith heater? Both ease of use and waiting time for hot water. What about the MAX function? Does it supply hot water fast enough?
  10. Aron Just drop you an email for quotation. Thanks.
  11. Seems like users for GE24VA and GE26VA experience common issue. Any user with GE18VA encountering such problem?
  12. Thanks for your reply. I was told 2.5 bar is enough. Any existing user can verify? What about storage heater? Will 35L be sufficent?
  13. Hi penguin123 how many litres of water heater are u using with your rainshower? Is it hansgrohe 240 or 300 raindance?